3 Ways Lutron Lighting Control Maximizes Your Home’s Decor


The Finire Series is the Ultimate in Style

Whether you’re constructing a new home or redesigning your current space, there’s no denying the power of light. The way that we illuminate our spaces has a subtle but defining impact on the appearance and feel of your home. As you’re developing a lighting scheme for your Miami home, consider the Lutron Finire series. The Finire series is a collection of recessed LED lighting options and represents the best in luxury lighting control. When properly installed, these lights can highlight your home’s best features. How can a lighting system improve the look of your Florida home? In this article, we discuss three ways. 

Natural-Looking Light

When developing the Finire lighting series, Lutron knew it would be LED. The benefits of light emitting diodes are obvious: energy efficiency, low maintenance and more. However, Lutron had many choices in what LED lights they would use. They went with Xiacato.

The reason is that Xiacato has created the most natural light possible. The company individually “tunes” each light module to produce beautiful light consistently. The color and tone of the light are carefully controlled across 15 color specifications. In addition, as variation in light is a common issue in the industry, Xiacato developed LED light that is uniform.

Overall, the company has studied the effects of different types of light on the appearance of what they illuminate. With the Finire series, you can expect your furniture, floor, walls, and decor to appear exactly how you would expect them to look. Plus, the warmer tone of their light will set the whole space off to its best advantage.

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Subtle Fixtures

Despite the importance of lighting, we don’t always want our lighting fixtures to take center stage. Perhaps your room has a large, centralized chandelier that acts as the focal point of a room. You need other forms of illumination throughout the space, but you don’t want to clutter it. Or, perhaps you prefer a minimalist approach and want your lights to follow the same philosophy. That’s where the Finire series comes into play. These are recessed lights designed to blend in with your ceiling.

The mark they do make--the light-- depends on your preference: you select whether the pinhole will be circular or square or if the light points straight down or is angled. Also, with multiple dimming settings, you can easily determine how prominent the light will be. Work with an integrator, like Audio One, to determine your selections and develop a lighting plan that will best benefit your home.

Set the Scene

The best part of the Lutron Finire series is that they are a part of an automated lighting control system. This means that you can create custom lighting “scenes” unique to your home’s design needs. Scenes are predetermined collections of light settings. When you want to create a particular mood, all you need to do is press one button. For example, create a “Dinner Party” setting that dims the lights in your living room for a romantic mood and brighter lights focusing on your favorite artwork and furniture to impress guests.

When your lighting control is integrated into a smart home system, you can easily expand your party settings. At the touch of a button, your house will produce your lighting scheme, but also, turn on the party music and lower the temperature to accommodate the extra body heat.

If you’re planning a new construction or redesigning your house, the Finire series from Lutron is the premiere choice. To ensure that everything goes as planned, work with a top-notch, award-winning integrator like Audio One. Contact us today to get started. 

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