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4 Advantages of Voice Control


How to Make Home Automation Even Better 

It may seem like science fiction, but voice control is becoming a reality for smart homes everywhere. You can now adjust your technologies simply by using your voice. The partnership between Amazon voice recognition technology, also known as Alexa, and home automation companies like Crestron has made it simple to incorporate voice control into your smart home system.  But what will voice control add to your Miami, FL home? In this article, we will cover four ways you can use voice control to your advantage. Read on to learn more. 

1. Simplify Your Home’s Security

Perhaps when you decided to include smart home technology into your Florida home, your home’s security was a major priority. Adding smart home security means increased protection for your home, from video surveillance to home access, but it also means increased convenience. You can unlock your door right from your smartphone and receive any alerts regarding your home’s security system.

When you add voice control into the mix, your home’s security becomes even simpler. For instance, you can ask your Alexa device about any component of your security system. Let’s say you’re just laying down to go to sleep, but you aren’t sure if you locked the door; just ask Alexa. She’ll tell you which doors are locked and you can ask her to lock anything that isn’t secured for the night. You won’t even have to move from your bed.

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2. Improve Your Mornings

Home automation has probably already made waking up easier. You may have programmed your motorized shades to open at the same time as your alarm to help ease you into the day. However, there might be certain smart home features that you can’t always schedule. For instance, maybe you have a little more time some mornings to sleep in; you may not want all your bedroom lights to turn on exactly with your alarm.

With voice control, you can just ask Alexa to turn on the lights in your bedroom, bathroom, and hallways when you’re ready to get up. You won’t have to get up and find the light switch to do any of this, but you have the power to decide exactly when the lights turn on.

3. Lose the Remote

In your home’s media room, your remote control holds all the power. If all your technologies are part of an integrated home automation system, then the remote controls not only the volume and channel but also the lights and shades. Therefore, losing the remote can be a big inconvenience.

Of course, you can get up to make adjustments or find the remote, but why do that when you can just ask Alexa? You can use voice control to change the channel, adjust the volume, or change the media playing. With voice control, losing the remote is no big deal.

4. Make an Entrance

When you come home from work or the store, your home might not meet your exact specifications. You’ve just been sitting in the hot sun, and maybe the regular AC setting is not quite cool enough. Or maybe it’s later in the evening, and you can’t see anything as you’re walking in the door.

If your arms are full, it might be difficult to make these adjustments right off the bat. With voice control, you can make the appropriate changes as you’re walking in the door. Just say “Alexa, drop the temperature 5 degrees,” or “Alexa, turn on the hallway lights.” Your home will make the appropriate changes, and you’ll feel comfortable right away.

If you’re ready to improve your Miami home with voice control, you’ll want to work with an award-winning integrator who specializes in custom solutions. Contact Audio One today, and we can help create a design that works perfectly with your home and lifestyle.

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