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Smart Home Automation adds convenience, time management, and peace of mind.

The most common questions new homeowners ask during the build process is why should we turn our home into a smart home? Can we turn our existing home into a smart home? What are the advantages of an automated home? Can my family members use the equipment easily? And is an automated smart home really worth the investment? The answer is YES! 

In today's Real estate market homes are selling for top dollar, even over the asking price! This can be a great addition to assist with increasing your home's resale value and creating a wow factor every time someone walks through the door; a smart home can provide owners the incredible benefit that make it well worth the investment. 

The Advantages of Smart Home Automation


1. Time is precious, don't waste it:

The perk of a smart home system is that it has the ability to control all the different electronics in your house with a single touch of a button. You can preset your home to turn everything off as you leave by hitting the away button on your way out the door. It's a hectic Monday morning and you rushing to a work meeting that starts exactly in 30 minutes and you randomly beginning to worry "did I forget to close the garage again?" Save yourself from wasting time driving back home and being late to work yet again. Simply glance at your cell phone and it will indicate your garage is shut securely. Making your residence into a smart home immediately offers you the reassurance and peace of mind that it's secure while you're away for just the afternoon, or even months at a time.

2. Protect your investments:

Many of our clients want to maximize the lifespan of their custom artwork and furniture. Smart home automation allows you to manually adjust the lighting and shade control to ensure there is not a lot of harmful sun exposure causing wear and tear on your statement pieces. Once programmed to your liking your smart home will actively monitor and manage the devices in your residence to ensure maximum exposure is limited and will automatically adjust your light to the appropriate amount of sun exposure according to the time of day. 

3. Leaving the house with ease.

Rather than running around your house frantically flipping every light switch off and drawing every shade and curtain down and risk pulling them off their track once again. Having a smart home will give you the ease of a simple press of a button from your, tablet, remote, or cell phone and it will instantly close before your eyes. 

4. Say goodbye to having a house sitter:

Cross that expense off your budget for your family vacation, many customers bring up the scenario of the old movie Home Alone, concerned a burglar may be monitoring people’s behavior and detect when they are out of town. Now you will be able to not only monitor security footage you can manage all your lighting, climate, music, and shades from the other side of the country, anywhere, and anytime. Your home is completely capable to manipulate your daily behaviors just as if you were home. You can even receive real-time notifications if there is any movement detected on your property.

5. Experience an elite security system:

Get alerts when someone enters your home to ensure the kids arrived home after school all from your smartphone. You can even get notifications indicating when a window or door is left open. The options for creating a safe environment with Audio One are endless we go above and beyond your standard security including safe rooms and even biometric security.

6. Customize your home to your lifestyle:

It’s astonishing the capability a smart home system has that it will begin to adapt to fit your lifestyle. Having a top-tier estate level HTA (Home Technology Association) integrator can effectively tailor a system exactly to your needs and make sure the system is running smoothly even after installation. The power behind a smart home is the programming and choosing to use top-notch integrators in the home automation industry you can ensure they will enhance your lifestyle. 

7. Investing pays off:

The cost savings that can be credited to the ability to automatically monitor your energy consumption from your AV equipment, or provide a current analysis of energy management so you can identify the power-hungry devices and eliminate their consumption. Within home automation can turn off lights or lower the thermostat automatically when you aren’t using them and easily lower your utility bills by 10% to 25%.

8. Give back to the environment:

You'd be surprised by how many power-hungry devices there are sprinkled throughout a home. A smart home can reduce your power consumption and help you monitor and manage what's important to remain turned off while you're away. Now you can reduce your carbon footprint and increase your home’s energy efficiency. 

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