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A Look Inside Crestron: The Customizable System


Each Crestron Home is as Unique as its Owner

As the smart home market continues to grow, choosing between systems becomes increasingly challenging. The truth is that every home and homeowner has unique requirements from their home automation system. For your Fort Lauderdale, FL home, why not select the solution that allows for customization. As a highly regarded Crestron dealer, Audio One has experienced the versatility of their programs first hand. Continue reading to learn a few of the ways you can customize a Crestron system.

Pick a Color

We’ll start our journey with a simple example. Crestron offers some of the top motorized shades on the market. They are reliable, easy to operate, and luxurious. Previously, automated shading had a limited catalog of colors and fabrics that homeowners could choose between. What Crestron dealers like Audio One can now do is match the color of roller shades to any color the client wants.

That small detail ensures that your motorized shades are not only functional but also beautiful. Your shades can now add the exact visual impact that you would like, not the result of a compromise.

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Pick Your Control Method

For a slightly more complicated customization, Crestron also offers a wide variety of control options. The philosophy behind this decision is that technology should simplify your life. With so many control options, homeowners can mix and match options depending on what is best for every space. Let’s consider a few combinations for specific areas of the home:

  • Kitchen: The kitchen is one area that can get a little messy. When your hands are full with preparing food, the last thing you want is to touch an electronic device. Crestron offers voice control options--whether through Amazon Alexa product, Google Home, or their own interface--that make it possible to just ask your home to dim the lights or close the shades.
  • Bedroom: Sometimes you want a simple option. In the morning, before the coffee kicks in, you might not want a complicated system. Crestron has a simple bedside button with an option for “Morning” or “Evening” settings. Work with an integrator to program your preferred settings for the lights, shades, audio, temperature, security settings and more for both of those times. You press one button, and everything is all set.
  • Home Theater: In your dedicated home theater, a touch screen might be the right choice. You can browse through entertainment options, make your selections, and set the room’s environment for maximum enjoyment. In a room with so many variables, a touch panel helps you keep them all organized.

Pick Your User Experience

Crestron makes it possible to customize not only the components and control but your whole user platform. Working with a professional Crestron dealer, you can select the software that you would like included in your home and have it programmed to your specifications. Some of those software options include energy management and room scheduling software.

When properly installed, Crestron systems represent the most robust and luxurious of all the smart home systems currently on the market. However, you should not take a DIY approach. Contact Audio One today to learn more about what Crestron offers and get started on your next project.

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