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Could You Be Doing More to Protect Your Home?


Utilize the Tools Smart Home Security Has to Offer

One of the many benefits of smart home automation is added protection to your home. Smart home security can take many forms, from devices specifically made to keep you protected to common home technologies used to enhance your safety. In this article, we will highlight four such devices or techniques that you can employ to better secure your home and belongings. So, whether you’re at home in Miami, FL, or away on vacation, allow smart technology to provide you some peace of mind. 

Surveillance Cameras

When it comes to keeping tabs on your home, nothing is better than smart security cameras. When professionally installed, you should have a clear view of what’s happening on your property--inside and out. What makes our surveillance options smart is the level of control that you will have over them. From a smartphone or tablet, you can receive a live feed no matter where you are. Also, these cameras will be monitoring the area for possible security threats. You will receive alerts if something seems amiss.

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Smart Locks

Your doorway, as the access point to your home, can be very vulnerable. Adding a smart lock is an excellent way to add a little extra protection and peace of mind. Let’s say, for instance, you’re at work and can’t remember if you locked the door on the way out. With a smart lock, you can again employ your smartphone or tablet to check and secure the door if necessary. Plus, you can be alerted when the door opens. This is a great way to make certain that the kids have made it home from school. If you also install a smart camera near your door, you can even check the footage to see what’s going on.

Detection Devices

Of course, you probably already have a smoke detector or even a carbon monoxide detector. But those tools are only useful when you’re in the house. If you want to stay informed, consider the smart version of these devices. If an alarm goes off, you will also receive an alert on your smartphone, and can respond accordingly. Also, consider water sensors. These devices can be placed near pipes to make sure there aren’t any slow leaks that could be causing unknown damage to your home.

Lighting Control

Many homeowners in the Miami area are already experiencing the convenience and style benefits of lighting control. However, even if you already have automated lighting, you may not be using them to their full potential. Lights are an indicator of an occupied home, and burglars tend to seek out unoccupied spaces. In response, many homeowners employ the use of timers to turn a light on and off while they are on vacation. There is a better way. With lighting control, you can create a “mockupancy” setting that randomly turns lights on and off throughout your entire home. From the outside, your home will appear to be full.

To learn more tips about using smart home technology to secure your Florida home, contact Audio One today. 

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