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Enhance Your Home with these Lighting Design Tips


Illuminate Your Space with Controlled Lighting

Your Miami, FL home deserves the best lighting designer for it, to create the perfect relaxing space in every corner.  Catering specific lighting and décor in particular rooms is key to a seamless and efficient design.  Every single light fixture will be under your command.  Read on to learn more, and to make daily tasks that much easier with this home automation feature.

If you’re interested in revamping the lighting in your home or starting from scratch in a new construction, you can schedule a consultation with one of our expert lighting designers below.

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Wakeup Call


Bright lighting in your kitchen is crucial for those early mornings where everything is groggy and a blur.  You can slowly brighten the room from your smartphone or tablet, or have the lights switch on all at once at a set hour, for when you wake up.


Set the Mood


Having lots of friends and family over for a get-together or dinner party, and want to impress with a brightly lit home?  Set your landscape lighting to turn on once the sun starts to set, greeting your guests with your gorgeous home.

As your guests finish their meal and begin to wind down for the evening, you can easily dim the lights to create ambiance and stimulate conversation.

Safety and Security


Landscape lighting can also help with keeping your property protected.  Whether you’re home or away on vacation, you can ensure that burglars and robbers will steer clear.  Your lights will remain brilliant and bright, even if you’re miles away.

You can also schedule your lights to turn on at certain times of the day, mimicking your regular daily activities.  Unwanted intruders will see an occupied house and never make an attempt to break in, keeping your home secure.

Specific Rooms

Change one room’s lighting and keep another completely in the dark.  Stay right where you are and control every room’s lighting right from your smart device.  You can keep the bright lights on in your kitchen, and the ones outside at a lower setting – or switch them right back again at your convenience.

Motion Sensors

Designing your controlled lighting is not only great for comfort and practicality, but also useful for lowering your bills!  Placing motion sensors in your rooms is ideal for saving energy.

The sensors can tell when a person has left a room and no one else remains, so that if any forgotten lights are left on, they will immediately turn off in mere moments.

Your lighting design is entirely in your hands, and we can help you customize it to your home’s needs.  To learn more, fill out the contact form below to schedule a consultation with our team.  Let us know how we can get started on the home of your dreams!

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