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Exploring the Powerhouses: Crestron, Savant, and Control4 for Smart Homes in Los Angeles


In the thriving landscape of Los Angeles' smart homes, three distinct powerhouses have emerged, each offering a unique blend of technology and innovation that resonates with the city's diverse lifestyle. Crestron, Savant, and Control4 stand as the vanguards of this digital revolution, shaping the way Angelenos interact with their living spaces. Let's delve into the intricacies of these systems, uncovering their differences and the remarkable experiences they bring to Los Angeles.

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 A Symphony of Luxury and Technology Redefining L.A. Living


Crestron, a name synonymous with opulence and cutting-edge technology, has carved a niche in Los Angeles' smart home landscape by seamlessly weaving luxury and innovation into the fabric of daily life. A true symphony of home automation, Crestron offers an orchestra of personalized experiences that elevate living spaces to new heights.

Picture this: with Crestron, the boundaries between you and your home blur. Lighting, climate, entertainment, and security gracefully dance to your tune, orchestrated through an intuitive touchscreen interface or even voice commands. Whether you're nestled in the Hollywood Hills or residing in a chic downtown penthouse, Crestron's unparalleled integration transforms your abode into an immersive sanctuary of comfort and elegance.

Crestron's technology extends its embrace beyond the confines of your home, seamlessly integrating with your favorite Los Angeles haunts. Imagine arriving at your favorite West Hollywood café, and the moment you step in, the ambiance adjusts to your preferences. It's not just a smart home; it's a lifestyle statement that echoes the city's ethos of glamour and innovation.

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Elevating Lifestyle Through Seamless Connectivity and Elegance

Savant enters the Los Angeles scene with a focus on exquisite connectivity and unobtrusive elegance. A maestro of effortless interaction, Savant curates an environment where your home becomes an extension of your desires, intuitively responding to your needs.

At the heart of Savant's allure is its ability to harmonize diverse technologies into a single, intuitive interface. Seamlessly blending lighting, audio, and climate control, Savant envelops you in an experience where your commands are met with instant and graceful obedience. The result? An environment that anticipates your every wish, enhancing the rhythm of your L.A. lifestyle.

In a city where aesthetics matter, Savant prides itself on its minimalist design. Sleek touch screens, chic keypads, and tastefully integrated smart devices are like brushstrokes on a canvas, crafting a home that exudes sophistication without compromising functionality. Your home becomes a gallery of elegance, reflecting the artistry that defines Los Angeles living.

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 Transforming Urban Homes into Intuitive Smart Sanctuaries

For urban dwellers seeking a transformative smart home experience, Control4 emerges as a guiding light. As the city's pulse beats through its veins, Control4 seamlessly infuses intelligence into urban spaces, crafting sanctuaries where convenience and comfort coexist harmoniously.

Control4 specializes in translating complexity into simplicity. Its robust ecosystem effortlessly knits together an array of devices and systems, granting you a single, intuitive control point. Imagine preparing for a downtown soirée; with Control4, you can set the mood, manage security, and create the perfect soundscape, all from your smartphone or a sleek touch screen.

What sets Control4 apart is its commitment to inclusivity. From spacious lofts to cozy condos, Control4 molds itself to fit your urban haven, adapting its offerings to cater to your unique needs. Your urban escape transforms into a smart sanctuary, where technology effortlessly weaves into the urban fabric of Los Angeles.

Which control system is right for your home? 

As Los Angeles' smart homes continue to evolve, Crestron, Savant, and Control4 emerge as the architects of innovation, each painting a distinct masterpiece that harmonizes seamlessly with the city's dynamic lifestyle. Whether you seek the opulence of Crestron, the elegance of Savant, or the urban sanctuary of Control4, each system brings a unique symphony of luxury, connectivity, and transformation to your home. Let us assist you with choosing which conductor is right for you, we'll let the melody of Los Angeles' smart living resonate through every corner of your abode.

If you have questions sure to give us a call (310) 988-1294. Audio One is the perfect fit for your next new home. 

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