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Home Lighting Design Equals Style and Warmth


Transform Your Miami Home with Lutron Lights

When designing your home, you select each piece of furniture and art with immense care. After you’ve taken the time to design style scheme that fits your lifestyle and preferences, develop a lighting plan that will set your home off to its best advantage. This step is often forgotten by homeowners, but it can make all the difference. The lighting scheme can affect how colors look and work together, create a mood for the room, and draw attention to your favorite features. Automated lighting, like from Lutron, can help create this environment. Working with a professional Lutron dealer and installer will ensure that these effects are not overlooked in your Florida home. Read on to learn more about the design possibilities. 

Highlight Your Home

If you think that light patterns don’t affect the way things appear, then talk to a photographer. Illumination has the power to highlight the areas of your home that you want noticed. For instance, if you have a new piece of artwork for your collection, you can design a lighting pattern that will draw the eye right to it. The addition of dimmers also helps to create your ideal mood at any given time. Create a low light setting to create a romantic feel for your next party, and thereby establish a perfect space for intimate conversation. Also, integrating motorized shades with your lights provides you the ultimate control over your home’s brightness.

The secret is to work with the angles and natural light cycles the room undergoes. A professional installation includes an assessment phase. We will examine the area, develop a plan and complete the installation to your home. All you have to do is enjoy the results.

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Color Temperature

An important factor in selecting your lightbulbs is the type of light they emit. Different types of light bulbs can project warmer toned light or cooler light. The warm and cool distinction is based on the color scale: warm light is on the hot end, like reds, oranges, and yellows, while cool is related to the blue side. The temperature of the light can impact the ways your wall colors or your fabric choices appear. In addition, many people have strong preferences in terms of how light affects their eyes and brain. One person finds blue light offensive, while another finds it energizing.

A professional Lutron dealer will take all this into consideration and consult with you about your preferences. If you are looking for LED bulbs, we will find an option that emits the wavelength that generates the right color for each space. We also ensure that you are comfortable with the lighting automation system and controls before walking away from any project--and you can contact us at any time.

Lighting Control

The best part about a Lutron system are the controls. For one thing, there are numerous options that will help you have ultimate control over your lights and, therefore, your style. Lutron designs chic switches or touch panels for your walls. In addition, you can utilize your smartphone or tablets to turn off or on your lights. Simply download the Lutron app, and you’ll have the opportunity to change your illumination settings from anywhere in the world. If you integrate a voice control device--like those from Amazon or Google--you can even alter your light settings with your voice.

As you’re selecting between these options or, as is more likely, creating a unique combination of controls for your home, trust us to help. As a certified HomeWorks Lutron Advanced Programmer, Audio One is an expert Lutron dealer. Contact us today to get started. 

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