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How Do You Control Your Motorized Shades?


Discover 3 Tips for a Better Home Experience

One of our favorite smart home technologies is motorized shading. Your home’s windows can have a dramatic impact on how you experience your home. Motorized shades provide you with control over your windows and allow you to decide when you’d like natural light and how much heat enters your home. The value of automated blinds, drapes and shades is lessened if you don’t have a firm grasp over their control. In this article, we’re offering three control suggestions that will help you better utilize this smart technology in your Boca Raton, FL home. Continue reading to learn more.  

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Using Sensors

Adding sensors to your motorized shades allows them to intuit your needs based on the environment. There are a few sensors that might be helpful for your home, but solar sensors have the most obvious benefits when working with shading.

There is an obvious relationship between the sun and your motorized shades. Solar sensors track the position and intensity of the sun and tell your shades what position they should be in to make your home as comfortable as possible. For instance, as the sun sets, the angles of light are a bit more extreme. Lowering your shades at that point can help prevent glares. Couple your shades with lighting control and your lights can go on to offset the loss of natural light.

Using Schedules

Do you tend to run on a fairly consistent schedule? During the work week, you probably leave the house and return at about the same time each day. Utilizing schedules to control your shades means that your shades are in the proper position without you having to take any action.

The Florida sun can cause a lot of damage to your home furnishings if you’re not careful. During the hottest part of the day, you’re probably not even home to enjoy the natural light. Work with Audio One to develop a schedule that closes your blinds, shades or drapes at the time you leave each day. Then, throughout the day, your fabrics are protected from the UV rays. Around the time you come in, your shades can open up, so you can enjoy the sun.

Using Your Smart Phone

Of course, life does not always run according to schedule. Luckily for you, adjusting your motorized shades can be done from anywhere using smartphone or other personal electronics. If, for instance, your weekend plans take a little longer than expected, you can remotely close your blinds and prevent UV rays and additional heat from entering your home. 

This level of control can have big results. Not only will your furniture last longer, but by preventing temperature increase, you won’t need to blast your AC which saves energy.

Motorized shades offer homeowners a plethora of control options that make life easier. If you’re curious about these control methods or want to learn about some more, contact Audio One today. 

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