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How Motorized Shades Make Life Easier


Keep the Light at Bay on Command

Having beautiful floor-to-ceiling windows is an ideal design choice, and growing more and more popular amongst homeowners.   But what about when the sun shines directly through them, effectively blinding you and causing glares on your screens?

Motorized shades are the perfect addition to your Miami, FL home to prevent these hang-ups.  Read on to learn how this smart technology can make your daily life far less stressful. For a custom motorized shades installation contact Audio One by clicking below or filling out the form at the end of this blog.

Protecting Your Interiors

Your living space’s décor deserves the best care and protection for it, and unfortunately – the sun’s rays don’t help it much.  You can now easily press a button on your smartphone or tablet and have your shades lower in a mere instant.

If you’re not home or don’t remember to do so, you can also schedule the automated shades to automatically come down at certain hours of the day when the sun is shining brightest through the glass.

This will not only protect your furniture and artwork from harm but can also help to prevent solar heat gain.


Protecting Your Privacy

You might want to spend the day reading a good book in the living room, or simply relaxing by your window seat – without worrying that every neighbor is unintentionally watching.

Motorized shades make it easy to lower them down to keep your privacy intact.  You can also choose sheer shades, so that others can’t see in, but you can still keep that lovely view your huge windows provide.

Watch Movies at Anytime

Movie night can’t always happen at night with differing schedules and plans.  So what about when you want to pop in a film in the middle of the day?  The sun might be high in the sky, and create a horrible glare on your screen.

With blackout shades, you can lower them when you’re ready to watch your movie and instantly raise them back up when they’re not in use.  This way, you can provide the needed darkness when necessary, and then completely conceal the shades, so your interior design isn’t disrupted.

Your Choice of Style

You have an endless selection of styles, patterns, and fabrics when it comes to choosing your motorized shades.  Pick a vibrant honeycomb one that goes with your décor, or perhaps roll-up shades that disappear when you decide to tuck them away.

There’s also the option for dual shading – so you don’t have to compromise!  Keep your design and style with any choice of shades, and add in the practical blackout or sheer shades to get both comfort and effectiveness in your decision.

Motorized shades are sure to change how you manage your daily life in your Florida home.  Give us a call or fill out the form below to schedule a no-obligation consultation with our team.  We would love to hear from you!

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