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How to Set Up an Ideal Video Conferencing System


Use Your Commercial AV to Stay Connected

Video conferencing components are quickly becoming some of the most important technologies in the business world. The ability to swiftly and effectively communicate with employees or clients anywhere in the world means that you can expand your reach without wasting any time. Utilizing the best that commercial AV has to offer, you can optimize your Los Angeles, CA video conferencing system. Audio One has been an automation industry leader for almost two decades. We know adding these smart technologies can be confusing, daunting, and a big investment, so partner with us: a trusted team of professionals. To learn some tips for selecting your components and building your system, read on. 

Choose Your Video Display

One of the first decisions that you’ll need to make is your video display, and that means choosing between a television screen or a projector and screen.

A projector is ideal for a larger conference room because it can create a larger video display. We would suggest finding a 4K projector for the best picture quality possible. One potential issue with projectors is that they tend to be more sensitive to light. Consider finding a screen that rejects light and automated blackout shades to mitigate that problem, especially if your conference room has many windows.

On the other hand, a 4K television would tend to display a crisper image than the projector. You can also find a screen with glare defense to reduce the effect of the sun. However, televisions tend to be a more expensive and can’t display as large of an image as a projector.

Invest in Audio

A high-quality audio system can go a long way to improving communication during a video conferencing session. Finding the right commercial AV equipment is only one piece of the puzzle since installation is just as important to performance.

Proper placement of the microphones can help avoid feedback or distorted sounds while making sure that everyone in the room can be heard. The incoming audio is also important, so the next step is installing speakers. Hidden speakers can be placed along the outside wall in accordance with the room’s acoustics and design.

Build a Robust and Secure Network

Even the most expensive and highest tech audio video components won’t help you communicate without a strong network. Never worry about dropping calls in the middle of a presentation or lag times in the image or sound with well-engineered Wi-Fi. That starts with wiring and ends with network security, and it’s best to get a professional involved to ensure a system that works consistently.

Control it All

With all of this technology in your room, it could be complicated to get ready for a meeting. That’s where a commercial automation system comes into play. Because all of these elements are under one system of control, your technologies are simple to coordinate. Create custom pre-set scenes for different types of meetings, including video conferencing. Then, when you are ready to conduct a meeting, you’ll only have to press one button to dim the lights, lower the shades, turn on the audio video components and set them on the right source.

Increasing collaboration between employees and clients is now more and more dependent on technology. Contact Audio One today to perfect your conference room for video conferencing.

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