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Improve Your Office with Lighting Control


3 Benefits of Automated Lighting for Your Fort Lauderdale Business

If you own or operate a Florida office and you’re considering new ways to improve your, take a look at commercial lighting control. The positive impacts are wide-reaching, from improving the look and feel of your space to reducing energy use. The reason behind the success of automated lighting is the centralized control. All your lights will operate under one system, which means it’s easy to adjust illumination and create lighting plans that cover your whole commercial space. This article will cover three of many benefits lighting control offers. Continue reading to learn more.

Easier Management

Running a successful business is much easier when you can reduce the overhead costs. If you could reduce your electric costs, you would have more money to spend on developing key aspects of your business. One simple way to lower your bills is by using less light--especially when the room or building is not in use. Lighting control makes this easy.

At the end of the day, as everyone is leaving, who oversees turning off all the lights? In most offices, the answer is unclear. Plus, when all your lights are controlled by their specific switch, turning off all the lights can be a very long process. With a lighting control system, one button can shut off every light in the building. The best part: this can be done from anywhere if you link your system to your smartphone. You can make sure that all the lights have been turned off even if you’ve already gone home.

Most lighting systems also offer energy management services. This way you can keep track of what you’re doing right and locate the areas of improvement. These services will go a long way towards saving you money.

Use Only the Light You Need

Adding motion detectors to your lighting system is a wonderful way to reduce your use of light. These devices will track activity within a space and turn lights off or on depending on need. This feature is perfect for rooms that aren’t in constant use, like the bathroom, kitchens, or conference rooms. No longer will you be wasting energy on lighting areas that aren’t in use. Plus, it’s simple to turn on the lights: just walk in the room!

Added Elegance

Besides saving you money and making your office more convenient, lighting design and control can improve the look and feel of your office. With automated lighting, you can create custom scenes to create an ideal mood for every occasion and every space. Work with a professional integrator, like Audio One, to ensure the best results.

In the lobby, use lights to establish a welcoming and warm feel. We can help install lights that will highlight your favorite architectural features or point out your accolades on the wall.

In the conference room, we will show you how to create settings that are ideal for presentations. When you’re ready to make your case, no more fumbling with all your light switches. All you’ll have to do is press one button to establish a perfect lighting scheme and impress your clients.

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These three benefits are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to commercial lighting control. To learn more, contact Audio One today! 

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