Lutron Motorized Shades Cover Your Whole Home with Style and Convenience


Add Shade to Every Room of your Palm Beach Space

Sunlight can be one of a home’s best features; natural light can energize you and your home. However, sometimes you may not want all of the Florida sun streaming in through the windows getting in your eyes or damaging your furniture. With Lutron motorized shades, you can manage how much sun every room will receive at all points of the day--even when you aren’t home. Automated shades can be controlled through remote, switches, or even your smartphone and devices. When you pair your shades with a home automation system, the convenience and efficiency will only multiply. To learn more about motorized shades and what they might mean for your smart home, read on. 

Shades in Every Room

Every room in your home has unique lighting needs at different times of the day. With automated shading, you will have the power to manage those needs with minimal effort. Plus, they provide a cleaner look than traditional shades, since they don’t have manual controls dangling at the side. Here are a few examples of how you could use your shades in specific spaces.

  • Living Room: Maybe you love sitting in your living room every morning with your coffee and enjoying your beach view. However, you don’t love sunlight damaging your furniture or artwork while you’re at work. Simply design a weekday schedule that opens up the living room shades at the time of your alarm and closes the shades when it’s time to leave. Then, you can worry about other things, knowing your shades are in the perfect position.
  • Bedroom: Natural light is proven to help wake you up in the morning. Make your sleep smarter by connecting your bedroom shades to a natural clock that monitors when the sun rises and sets. Wake up with the sunlight, but then know that your privacy is protected when it gets darker in the evening.
  • Home Theater: Maybe you have a home theaterin a room that has a few windows. Create that pure cinema feel by adding blackout shades. You can even program these shades to descend when the movie begins.

These are just a few of spaces where motorized shades can enhance your lifestyle. When you work with an integrator, like Audio One, you can develop a plan ideal for every room. 

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Integration Sensation

Motorized shades are a wonderful addition to your home on their own, but only get better when combined with a whole home automation system. For instance, there is a natural relationship between lighting control and motorized shades which bears fruit of efficiency and convenience for you when they exist under one set of controls. Two advantages are an increase in your home’s security and energy savings.

  • Security: If you go away on vacation, you don’t want any potential burglars to know you’re gone. Use your lighting control and motorized shades to create an occupied appearance. Your Lutron system can randomly open and close shades, or turn on and off lights, in a way that mimics a person’s true behavior.
  • Energy Savings: Syncing your lights and shades will minimize your use of electricity. You can, for example, have your lighting system intelligently monitor the amount of sunlight available throughout your space. Then, your lights will dim or brighten as necessary. Not only will this ensure you always have an ideal home lighting, but it will also save you energy without you having to do anything in the moment.

If you’re ready to introduce motorized shades into your Palm Beach home, working with an integrator will simplify the whole process. When working with an industry leading integrator like Audio One, you can be confident the job will be done right.  Contact us today. We can be reached via our website, or by calling 866-200-5850 toll-free.

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