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Modernizing Your Apartment Building


Building Automation Attracts Modern Tenants

Potential tenants are probably viewing many apartment buildings. How can you make your residences stand out? Building automation allows you to offer more than a discount on the first month’s rent; you can provide a new lifestyle. As you guide potential clients through your premises, they will be able to sample the new simplicity automation will add to their lives, from locking their doors with a smart device to taking a glimpse at the communal theater. By seeing themselves in this new, modernized environment, they won’t want to leave. Continue reading to learn more about bringing automation to your Miami, FL apartment complex. 

Building Upgrades

We’ll start by looking at a few of the upgrades that can be made for the whole building. This could mean comprehensive systems used by all rooms, or rooms that all tenants can use.

  • Networking: Setting up your entire building for wireless does two things. First, it is a huge incentive for residents, who are looking for fast Wi-Fi at home. It also sets up the foundation for all of your other smart technologies. All wireless technologies will run faster with a strong network.
  • HVAC: Smart heating and cooling also have multiple advantages. For one thing, you can maintain a comfortable temperature throughout all common spaces. Plus, you can oversee and monitor your energy use to help save your business money. Individual apartments can have individual controls, so your tenants can have the same advantages.
  • Gym: Having a fitness center in your apartment can be a huge selling point, but having an automated one is even better. A smart gym makes it simple to control everything from the equipment to the temperature to the audio/video entertainment.
  • Theater: Having a dedicated home theater can bring the building together for a cinema-quality monthly movie nights. Or, residents can reserve the space for a private screening. Either way, your tenants will love it.

Apartment Upgrades

Then, there are the automation systems that will improve the apartments themselves. With one remote, a touchpanel, or their smart devices, your residents can control their numerous smart technologies. Here are a few of our favorites.

  • Lighting Control: Automated lighting allows your residents to create settings customized to their lifestyle. Dimmers help save energy and find the right lighting. From lights that turn on with your tenant’s alarms to setting the right mood for a party, lighting control simplifies all illumination.
  • Motorized Shades: Automating your shading adds a touch of luxury and convenience to your apartments. Blackout shades can help your residents sleep in on lazy days, or they could open up when residents need to wake up to ease them into the day.


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  • Audio/Video: Simplify your entertainment systems. Add hidden speakers built into the walls and ceiling. Your residents can connect to their own smart devices quickly and easily for whole home audio. Your audio and video equipment is all on one remote for easy control.
  • Security: Smart door locks, surveillance cameras, and smart doorbells are all excellent selling features. Your tenants will love the easy access to their apartment and the extra feeling of security.

Set your apartments apart with building automation. Contact Audio One today to find the solutions that will work best in your building with your residents. 


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