Ready to elevate your lighting in your Miami Home?

why smart lighting control is a bright idea for homeowners


The mood and tone of your home can be set with lighting. The Lutron system is the leader in smart control, providing much more than just on-off or color changes; it allows you to create custom scenes for each occasion from dinner party ambiance all throughout holidays celebrations - even sleeping time!

The question many new clients ask about this service is? Why would they want something like that at their house...but within our blog post today we'll dive into why indoor illumination might improve any living space inside yours as well!

What are the benefits of creating scenes with Lutron? 

The revolutionizing Lutron system can allow homeowners to control their lights and shades from anywhere and have an automated routine set up with different settings for everyone’s preferences. For example, if you want your recessed lighting lowered by 30% brightness while upstairs stairs are brought down almost halfway so they're not too bright on entering onto this floor but rather warm & welcoming - all without ever having to tire yourself running around adjusting lights and moving furniture around just because we know sometimes our hands get tired after working long hours at desks jobs! These preprogrammed scenes allow us great freedom over how much energy is used during certain times of the day or even seasons.

How do you control the system?

Controlling your scenes is easy with so many options! Voice control can be achieved using Josh Ai and Alexa. You may also want to consider having one tablet device at least per main relaxation area for those who enjoy being hands-free while they relax, but there’s no need if you would rather remain fully engaged by using another type or platform such as Lutron's mobile app (which includes Wi-Fi enabled remotes). If wireless freedom excites you then our Wall Control Panel will provide all necessary gadgets right where we need them most--on any wall near an outlet without sacrificing style points because this stylish design looks great both ways

Can you make changes after the lighting it set up?

You can adjust the scenes in your Lutron system to create a more personalized experience. First, open their app on a mobile device or computer and head over to "Scenes" where you will be able to pick an icon that best suits what moods want--whether it's party time! Next plug in all devices which need illumination along with any custom brightness desired by each person wanting different levels of light intensity for study zones vs bedrooms versus public spaces like hallways etc., then slide through these choices until everything looks perfect.

Audio One has been designed to bring life and light into your home. Working with a technology expert can make it truly come alive! With their help, you'll be able to achieve those long-held dreams of making efficient use of space while maximizing comfort in all areas - without breaking any budgets along the way

Contact us at 954-THEATER (843.2837) for a free consultation on your home improvement. 


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