Home Automation Trends for 2017


Each new year means new smart home automation innovations to improve your Florida home’s style, convenience, and efficiency. 2017 is going to be no different. If you have already experienced the benefits of automation with a Control4 or Crestron system, then we have found solutions that will improve the way your home syncs to your lifestyle. Perhaps you have no idea how much different life can be in a smart home; these new products will demonstrate that now is the right time to be introduced. For the New Year, make a resolution to make every day more extraordinary with the intuitive technologies listed below. 

Voice Control

Voice control has already made a giant splash in the smart home world. In October, Amazon announced a partnership with Crestron and Control4 and their Alexa products. These Alexa-enable devices—like the Echo and the Echo Dot—integrate with your smart home technologies. You can, therefore, simply ask Alexa to turn on the lights, adjust the AC, or start a movie. This will make every day and every room simpler. For instance, let’s say you’re just getting in the door after work. You’ve brought home the groceries and your hands are full. When you get in the door, just say “Alexa, I’m home” and she can turn on the lights, turn on the AC, and start playing your favorite song. No more fumbling—just use your voice.

The most exciting aspect of the Alexa and automation partnership is what is to come. These controls are only going to become more intuitive. Soon, your voice control will know who is speaking and already have a catalog of their preferences. Get started in 2017 and be ready for this future.

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New Year, New Router

When you are utilizing numerous smart home technologies, it means a lot of traffic for your router. Nowadays, there are more wireless options than ever, and that’s only going to increase in 2017. To accommodate the extra traffic, you should consider investing in a new router.

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Take Control of your Fort Lauderdale Home


If  you’ve never experienced smart automation, you may not understand all the ways that it can improve your home experience. Not only does it mean adding new, exciting technologies to your Fort Lauderdale, FL home, it also means incorporating those devices and features under one system of control. When you experience a smart home, you will see how having one system, like Control4, managing your devices leads to intelligent interactions among technologies that improve your whole lifestyle. You will see your electronics synchronize to the environment and your needs with very little effort on your end. Since all parts of your home work together to keep it secure, you will feel safer. The result: every day will be more efficient and comfortable, and you’ll wonder how you ever lived without. Read on to learn more. 

Setting the “Scene”

Let’s say that you’re installing a new Control4 system into your home. You’re working with an award-winning integrator, like Audio One, to ensure that every aspect of the system works properly and includes all the technologies you desire. The next step is to conference with your integrator about how you would like to use the system on a daily basis. They will be able to assist you in creating “scenes.” A scene is an intelligent collection of prescribed settings that relate to certain home activities. When you select a particular scene, all of your technologies will react appropriately at the same time. Here are a few examples of scenes that may work for you and your home

  • Workout: If you have a home gym, you may want to create a workout scene. With the touch of one button, your gym’s audio will turn on to your favorite playlist, the television will turn on a motivational video, and the air conditioning will cool the space to your ideal temperature.
  • Cooking: Whether you’re an aspiring chef or a food rookie, creating the right environment can make cooking more enjoyable. Create a cooking scene that works for you! Have your lights turn on bright, lower the shades to reduce the glare from a setting sun, and finally turn on a cooking show on the kitchen’s television for inspiration.
  • Coming Home: Doesn’t it always seem hard to get in the front door? Maybe you’re carrying groceries, work supplies, or a squirming child and can’t find a free hand to unlock the door. When you connect your smartphone to your Control4 system, activate your “coming home scene” from your car. If you have a smart lock, you can have the door unlock, then have the lights in the foyer or walkway turn on, and the air conditioning adjusts to your desired temperature.

When your technologies work together under a Control4 system, your whole home becomes more efficient and convenient. Your integrator can help you make this happen by working with you to set the ideal scenes.

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Safety and Surveillance

Your Control4 system can intelligently integrate your technology to do more than make your life convenient: it can make your home safer. For instance, let’s say that you’re going on vacation. Now, to make it appear like you’re home, you could add a few timers to lights that will make them go on and off at scheduled times. However, burglars are wise to this trick; the real secret is to have your lights go on and off randomly, which mimics human behavior. Your Control4 system can do that, as well as open or draw the motorized shades in conjunction. In addition, you can incorporate smart locks that sync to your phone or devices. This way, you will always be aware of anyone opening your door. Combine those features with cameras that stream to your phone or smart devices, and you can keep tabs on your property from anywhere. Remember, a smart home is a safe home.

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