How to Avoid Common Home Automation Issues


If you’re considering adding home automation to your Fort Lauderdale, FL area residence, then you’re probably facing a decision: should you attempt to build your own DIY system or work with a professional installation team? The truth is that if you’re looking for a complete home solution that you can rely on, nothing beats an automation system installed by a team of expert professionals. In this article, we’re examining three common problems that homeowners experience with a DIY smart home and how these can be avoided. Continue reading to learn more. 

Problem #1: The Network is Neglected

A home automation system relies on the network. As you add more smart devices--whether that’s wireless speakers or a lighting control system--you are pushing the limits of your network. If there are any dead zones in your home or you often experience buffering, then your smart home experience isn’t going to be reliable. Y

When a typical homeowner attempts to installs a home automation system, he or she often doesn’t consider the Wi-Fi. Or, the homeowner simply doesn’t know how to improve the connection. With a professional installation from Audio One, the network will be assessed for quality. Any necessary changes will be made in order to ensure that you don’t experience any unexpected issues due to a slow network.

Problem #2: Devices Don’t Mesh

The value of a smart home lies in the compatibility of each piece of technology. An example would be lights that illuminate as you close the blinds so that you’re never in the dark.  In many DIY homes, the homeowner is left with a smartphone or tablet full of apps, each to control one piece of his or her smart home.

In a professionally installed system, all of these individual components are housed on the same set of controls, making it simple to coordinate. Depending on your control preference, you can make adjustments to your home’s audio, lighting, motorized shades and more with a smartphone, dedicated touchpanels, remotes, or even your own voice.

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A Look Inside Crestron: The Customizable System


As the smart home market continues to grow, choosing between systems becomes increasingly challenging. The truth is that every home and homeowner has unique requirements from their home automation system. For your Fort Lauderdale, FL home, why not select the solution that allows for customization. As a highly regarded Crestron dealer, Audio One has experienced the versatility of their programs first hand. Continue reading to learn a few of the ways you can customize a Crestron system.

Pick a Color

We’ll start our journey with a simple example. Crestron offers some of the top motorized shades on the market. They are reliable, easy to operate, and luxurious. Previously, automated shading had a limited catalog of colors and fabrics that homeowners could choose between. What Crestron dealers like Audio One can now do is match the color of roller shades to any color the client wants.

That small detail ensures that your motorized shades are not only functional but also beautiful. Your shades can now add the exact visual impact that you would like, not the result of a compromise.

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Pick Your Control Method

For a slightly more complicated customization, Crestron also offers a wide variety of control options. The philosophy behind this decision is that technology should simplify your life. With so many control options, homeowners can mix and match options depending on what is best for every space. Let’s consider a few combinations for specific areas of the home:

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Which Integration System Should You Choose?


Nowadays, there are many options when it comes to smart home automation. Everything from selecting the best integration system to whether you should try a DIY approach. These new options are opening up the market and expanding the popularity of smart homes. This also means that homeowners have to make more decisions than ever before. However, if you’re looking for a truly luxurious home experience, we believe the choice is clear. Crestron is one of the longest standing integration systems in the business and, through the years, have proven the quality of their systems. When working with a top Crestron programmer, you can rest assured that your Florida home will represent the ultimate in style, comfort, and technology. Read on to learn more.

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The Crestron Advantage

When selecting your home’s integration system, there are three main factors to consider: control, reliability, and support. Let’s look at the benefits of a Crestron system in each of these three fields:

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Crestron Helps Power Mark Zuckerberg's Jarvis App


AUDIO-ONE, who is a leading Crestron Installation and Programming firm serving Miami, South Florida and the Los Angeles market, had a chance to discuss on platforms using Crestron as the backbone in creating new home automation interfaces. Mark Zuckerberg, co-founder of the social networking company, Facebook, is once again gaining attention in one of the world's fastest growing industries: Home Automation. Known as Jarvis, this iPhone app has been referred to as Mark's "custom-made artificially intelligent assistant."  Similar to Amazon's Alexa, Jarvis interfaces with Messenger, according to Zuckergerg's Fackbook blog post. In addition to connecting smart devices and phones around the home, Javris can use Facebooks' visual face detection to determine intelligent tasks such as notifications when the baby is awake, or who is ringing the doorbell. To learn more about Jarvis and Crestron technologies, read on. 

Zuckerberg's Jarvis is Built Upon Crestron's Smart Home Technology


AUDIO-ONE, with it's showroom located in Sunny Isles and Fort Lauderdale, FL, along with installation crews and services in Los Angeles, CA, is one of Crestron's top authorized leading custom installation companies, which for almost 2 decades has led the way to building some of the smartest homes in the world. With over 8 CEDIA Industry Awards for best systems and installation company, AUDIO-ONE's projects span from South Florida, to California, the North East coast to as far away as Ghana Africa, with clients flying Audio One's teams over the world. 

What is interesting to note is that Jarvis is actually built on top of Crestron's elite smart home technology. Crestron has been leading the way in luxury custom smart home automation for many years, and is definitely compared as being the "ultimate" provider of home automation for homes of "the 1%" most wealthy persons in the world. Crestron home automation systems can cost thousands to over millions of dollars and allow people to control the majority of all electronic systems in the home from anywhere in the world with internet access including lighting, motorized shades, alarm, access control, home theater, audio, video, sound system, HVAC and so much more. 

Clancy, Crestron's president of residential systems, said Crestron would typically be able to power many of Jarvis' features through its own apps. But Crestron, in this particular project, created an API that would let Zuckerberg build his own "front end" in his preferred programming language, Python.

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Miami, It’s Time to Automate Your Home


From lighting control and window shading to surveillance, a Crestron automation system can take care of it all in your Florida home. An integration system incorporates all of your smart technologies under one set of user-friendly controls. The result is a space that intelligently coordinates its activities to match your needs and lifestyle, better known as a smart home. Crestron is currently the largest manufacturer of integration systems, and, as such, they offer a wide range of solutions. Therefore, if you choose to make Crestron your manufacturer, then you will be able to find the right option for you and your home. To learn more about Crestron technologies, read on. 

What Can You Control?

Under a Crestron system, you can integrate numerous devices and technologies. To understand more about what a smart home can do, let’s look into some of the most popular choices:

  • Lighting Control: When your lighting system is under one system, you can turn every light in your house on or off without moving. In fact, you can use the Crestron app to check on your light usage from anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection.
  • Motorized Shades: These shades can be designed for any window in your home. They go up and down at the touch of a button. Plus you can coordinate your shades with your lights to help you save energy and maintain the right lighting from day to night.
  • Smart Home Surveillance: A smart surveillance system will give you peace of mind. You can keep tabs on your property from anywhere with a smartphone or tablet. Plus, your other technologies--like scheduled lights or audio--- will work with your security systems to make your home appear occupied while you’re away, especially important for beach homes.
  • Multi-Room Audio Video: The right audio video system can make your house a home. You can create a customized music experience in every room and add the latest and greatest in television technology. Plus, when it’s under your Crestron system, you’ll only need one remote and not ten to operate it all.
  • Outdoor Entertainment: Without the proper patio setup, you’re not a true Miami resident. Create an ideal outdoor space for entertaining with weather-proof speakers, lighting and televisions.

Whichever technologies you want to include in your home, they will all work better under the control of a Crestron system.

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Crestron Controls

Crestron boasts a diverse collection of control options. This means that you will be able to create the right combination for you and your home. For instance, Crestron offers touchscreens that can be mounted on your walls with an easy-to-use interface. There are also mountable keypads similar to light switches that you can place throughout your home, so you can make changes while you move about. If you prefer to remain stationary, you can also incorporate remotes to place on a coffee or end table. In addition, you can use your own smart devices with the Crestron app to make adjustments. Finally, Crestron can also be connected to an Amazon Alexa device--like an Echo--so you can control your devices with voice commands. Working with an integrator will ensure that you find the right control plan for you and that it all works properly.

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