How to Avoid the Most Common Crestron Support Problems


Even when working with the top home automation brands, you may encounter problems with your brand new smart technology. As one of the top Crestron dealers in South Florida, we often receive calls from homeowners trying to fix existing systems that are hard to manage or break down regularly.

Realizing that there are a lot of people dealing with poorly programmed systems, we've ramped up the Crestron support services we offer. Though we're available 365 days of the year, 24 hours a day to help you with your smart home issues, we know the goal is to get it right from the start.

How can you make sure that you avoid some common smart technology headaches in your Miami home? Below we highlight three steps you can take to limit the number of service calls down the line. If you’re in need of immediate help, you can also click the button below for a one-on-one meeting.


Create Reliable and Thorough Documentation

A professional smart home company should take the time to design a system built for success. This includes having the right wiring, equipment placement, and wired or wireless connections. The only way to ensure a properly designed system is to have the documentation to back it up. The company should present and review this documentation with you.

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The Interior Designers' Starter Guide to Home Automation


Smart home control is all the rage for new homeowners and others who are looking to upgrade their living spaces. For interior designers, that means staying on top of the game and getting well informed. With smart technology continuously changing and evolving, its style and designs do so as well. So if you’re a Miami Beach, FL interior designer looking for the essentials in smart home design, we’ve listed out some key features below. To take advantage of this smart technology, partner with Audio One on your project by clicking below.

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A Centralized Network

A strong network can transform the easiness of smart home control in any house.  With one centralized network, homeowners can access every component of their system from one source.  Their main issue is they don’t want a cluttered space – excess wiring, obtrusive routers, and additional equipment.  And the truth is, neither do you.

Luckily, to maintain the aesthetic both of you are going for, there are now routers that are small and stylishly designed.  You can now display equipment in sight to maintain a powerful network connection, as opposed to shuffling them off into a storage area.

Automated Blinds and Shades

Motorized shades have endless benefits, but besides their obvious efficiency and everyday uses, they can also greatly enhance existing décor.  These days, shades and blinds come in various patterns, styles, and designs.  You can choose between honeycomb shades, blackout or brightly colored – or pick dual shading, so there is no compromise needed.  Shades are a must in any smart home design, as they insulate the house, control light, and add the right elegant touch to any room.

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Trying to Incorporate Green Technology into Your Boca Raton Home?


For the last three years, we have seen investments increase in green home projects. The result: financial returns from these projects have gone up 40 percent in the past two years from homeowners looking for more efficient dwellings and willing to pay for it. Turning to green technologies in your Florida home is a sound plan. Whether you’re concerned about the environment, want to increase energy efficiency, or are looking to add extra resale value, smart technologies are the solution. One of the most powerful tools in green technology is motorized shades--especially those from Lutron. Read on to learn three ways automated shading can improve your home’s energy economy and simultaneously make your life simpler. 

Block Out the Sun

The Florida sun is powerful and can make a huge impact on your home. If you’re running your AC unit all day long and still feel like you can’t get cool, you may be forgetting your windows. The sunlight streaming into your home is not only illuminating, it also brings heat. With the addition of motorized shades, you’ll discover that your solar heat gain decreases significantly. Lutron has designed shading particularly for this purpose. Their Serena Honeycomb Shades, for instance, have pockets of air--they look like a honeycomb--that act as excellent insulators and stop incoming heat. Or, you could use dual shades with a reflective white surface on one side. Place the white side toward the outside and it will reverse the direction of incoming light.

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Find Your Light

Natural light is a wonderful resource. It can provide your home with warm light at no cost. Sunlight is also an effective method for more pleasant mornings, as it naturally stimulates the body. With motorized shades, you can have direct control over this most fickle of resources. For instance, in your bedroom, link your shades or drapes to an astrological clock or place light sensors on the outside of your windows. Your window dressings will then be in touch with the sun’s schedule, and can be programmed to automatically open with the rising sun. You can maintain your nighttime privacy and still wake with the natural rhythm of the day.

Use methods like this throughout your home and save on energy costs. Sunlight is free and the more of it you use throughout the day the less electric light you need. Integrate your shades with lighting control for even more savings and convenience. Program your lights to dim up as the shades are closing, and you will only use the electricity that’s absolutely necessary.

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Take Control of your Fort Lauderdale Home


If  you’ve never experienced smart automation, you may not understand all the ways that it can improve your home experience. Not only does it mean adding new, exciting technologies to your Fort Lauderdale, FL home, it also means incorporating those devices and features under one system of control. When you experience a smart home, you will see how having one system, like Control4, managing your devices leads to intelligent interactions among technologies that improve your whole lifestyle. You will see your electronics synchronize to the environment and your needs with very little effort on your end. Since all parts of your home work together to keep it secure, you will feel safer. The result: every day will be more efficient and comfortable, and you’ll wonder how you ever lived without. Read on to learn more. 

Setting the “Scene”

Let’s say that you’re installing a new Control4 system into your home. You’re working with an award-winning integrator, like Audio One, to ensure that every aspect of the system works properly and includes all the technologies you desire. The next step is to conference with your integrator about how you would like to use the system on a daily basis. They will be able to assist you in creating “scenes.” A scene is an intelligent collection of prescribed settings that relate to certain home activities. When you select a particular scene, all of your technologies will react appropriately at the same time. Here are a few examples of scenes that may work for you and your home

  • Workout: If you have a home gym, you may want to create a workout scene. With the touch of one button, your gym’s audio will turn on to your favorite playlist, the television will turn on a motivational video, and the air conditioning will cool the space to your ideal temperature.
  • Cooking: Whether you’re an aspiring chef or a food rookie, creating the right environment can make cooking more enjoyable. Create a cooking scene that works for you! Have your lights turn on bright, lower the shades to reduce the glare from a setting sun, and finally turn on a cooking show on the kitchen’s television for inspiration.
  • Coming Home: Doesn’t it always seem hard to get in the front door? Maybe you’re carrying groceries, work supplies, or a squirming child and can’t find a free hand to unlock the door. When you connect your smartphone to your Control4 system, activate your “coming home scene” from your car. If you have a smart lock, you can have the door unlock, then have the lights in the foyer or walkway turn on, and the air conditioning adjusts to your desired temperature.

When your technologies work together under a Control4 system, your whole home becomes more efficient and convenient. Your integrator can help you make this happen by working with you to set the ideal scenes.

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Safety and Surveillance

Your Control4 system can intelligently integrate your technology to do more than make your life convenient: it can make your home safer. For instance, let’s say that you’re going on vacation. Now, to make it appear like you’re home, you could add a few timers to lights that will make them go on and off at scheduled times. However, burglars are wise to this trick; the real secret is to have your lights go on and off randomly, which mimics human behavior. Your Control4 system can do that, as well as open or draw the motorized shades in conjunction. In addition, you can incorporate smart locks that sync to your phone or devices. This way, you will always be aware of anyone opening your door. Combine those features with cameras that stream to your phone or smart devices, and you can keep tabs on your property from anywhere. Remember, a smart home is a safe home.

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