Audio One Lutron Tech Support: Here's What You Need to Know


Take a moment to think about this: Are you currently satisfied with your existing Lutron system?

If you find your setup in need of maintenance or even an upgrade, you might not know where to begin. We at Audio One are here to help.

From Miami and throughout South Florida to our Los Angeles branch, Audio One is the premier Lutron tech support dealer ready to assist you.

How can we revamp your Lutron system and provide you with top-of-the-line service? Just keep reading to find out.

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What You Need to Know about Motorized Shades


Being in the Sunshine State, Florida homeowners know a lot about the effects of the sun on daily life. However, what you may not know is how to control sunlight. Motorized shades provide the power you need to stay one step ahead of the elements, and this ability is at the heart of their value. Plus, being automated offers you, the homeowner, with nifty new abilities. We have laid out our five favorite benefits you can expect when you add automatic drapery, blinds, or shades to your Miami home. Continue reading to learn what they are. 

1. Easy to Control

Manufacturers of motorized shading, like Lutron, offer plenty of options when it comes to controls. You can make adjustments to your shades through touchpanels placed on the walls or through apps downloaded to your smartphone or tablets. These controls provide you a bird’s eye view of everything that’s happening with your home’s shading--even when you’re not there. Let’s say you’re not sure if you left the blinds open in your living room, the room where your favorite rug is. Avoid any sun damage by closing the window coverings right from the office.

2. Stylish

Because all of these dressings are automatic, you won’t need those manual controls like strings. The effect is a much cleaner look in every room of your home, and you’re avoiding any inconvenient tangling or wrangling.

In addition, every shade is custom designed to fit your space. You will have total control over how every window looks. That means the size, shade, color, and fabric is specifically tailored to each room of your home.

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3 Ways Lutron Lighting Control Maximizes Your Home’s Decor


Whether you’re constructing a new home or redesigning your current space, there’s no denying the power of light. The way that we illuminate our spaces has a subtle but defining impact on the appearance and feel of your home. As you’re developing a lighting scheme for your Miami home, consider the Lutron Finire series. The Finire series is a collection of recessed LED lighting options and represents the best in luxury lighting control. When properly installed, these lights can highlight your home’s best features. How can a lighting system improve the look of your Florida home? In this article, we discuss three ways. 

Natural-Looking Light

When developing the Finire lighting series, Lutron knew it would be LED. The benefits of light emitting diodes are obvious: energy efficiency, low maintenance and more. However, Lutron had many choices in what LED lights they would use. They went with Xiacato.

The reason is that Xiacato has created the most natural light possible. The company individually “tunes” each light module to produce beautiful light consistently. The color and tone of the light are carefully controlled across 15 color specifications. In addition, as variation in light is a common issue in the industry, Xiacato developed LED light that is uniform.

Overall, the company has studied the effects of different types of light on the appearance of what they illuminate. With the Finire series, you can expect your furniture, floor, walls, and decor to appear exactly how you would expect them to look. Plus, the warmer tone of their light will set the whole space off to its best advantage.

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Trying to Incorporate Green Technology into Your Boca Raton Home?


For the last three years, we have seen investments increase in green home projects. The result: financial returns from these projects have gone up 40 percent in the past two years from homeowners looking for more efficient dwellings and willing to pay for it. Turning to green technologies in your Florida home is a sound plan. Whether you’re concerned about the environment, want to increase energy efficiency, or are looking to add extra resale value, smart technologies are the solution. One of the most powerful tools in green technology is motorized shades--especially those from Lutron. Read on to learn three ways automated shading can improve your home’s energy economy and simultaneously make your life simpler. 

Block Out the Sun

The Florida sun is powerful and can make a huge impact on your home. If you’re running your AC unit all day long and still feel like you can’t get cool, you may be forgetting your windows. The sunlight streaming into your home is not only illuminating, it also brings heat. With the addition of motorized shades, you’ll discover that your solar heat gain decreases significantly. Lutron has designed shading particularly for this purpose. Their Serena Honeycomb Shades, for instance, have pockets of air--they look like a honeycomb--that act as excellent insulators and stop incoming heat. Or, you could use dual shades with a reflective white surface on one side. Place the white side toward the outside and it will reverse the direction of incoming light.

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Find Your Light

Natural light is a wonderful resource. It can provide your home with warm light at no cost. Sunlight is also an effective method for more pleasant mornings, as it naturally stimulates the body. With motorized shades, you can have direct control over this most fickle of resources. For instance, in your bedroom, link your shades or drapes to an astrological clock or place light sensors on the outside of your windows. Your window dressings will then be in touch with the sun’s schedule, and can be programmed to automatically open with the rising sun. You can maintain your nighttime privacy and still wake with the natural rhythm of the day.

Use methods like this throughout your home and save on energy costs. Sunlight is free and the more of it you use throughout the day the less electric light you need. Integrate your shades with lighting control for even more savings and convenience. Program your lights to dim up as the shades are closing, and you will only use the electricity that’s absolutely necessary.

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Lutron Motorized Shades Cover Your Whole Home with Style and Convenience


Sunlight can be one of a home’s best features; natural light can energize you and your home. However, sometimes you may not want all of the Florida sun streaming in through the windows getting in your eyes or damaging your furniture. With Lutron motorized shades, you can manage how much sun every room will receive at all points of the day--even when you aren’t home. Automated shades can be controlled through remote, switches, or even your smartphone and devices. When you pair your shades with a home automation system, the convenience and efficiency will only multiply. To learn more about motorized shades and what they might mean for your smart home, read on. 

Shades in Every Room

Every room in your home has unique lighting needs at different times of the day. With automated shading, you will have the power to manage those needs with minimal effort. Plus, they provide a cleaner look than traditional shades, since they don’t have manual controls dangling at the side. Here are a few examples of how you could use your shades in specific spaces.

  • Living Room: Maybe you love sitting in your living room every morning with your coffee and enjoying your beach view. However, you don’t love sunlight damaging your furniture or artwork while you’re at work. Simply design a weekday schedule that opens up the living room shades at the time of your alarm and closes the shades when it’s time to leave. Then, you can worry about other things, knowing your shades are in the perfect position.
  • Bedroom: Natural light is proven to help wake you up in the morning. Make your sleep smarter by connecting your bedroom shades to a natural clock that monitors when the sun rises and sets. Wake up with the sunlight, but then know that your privacy is protected when it gets darker in the evening.
  • Home Theater: Maybe you have a home theaterin a room that has a few windows. Create that pure cinema feel by adding blackout shades. You can even program these shades to descend when the movie begins.

These are just a few of spaces where motorized shades can enhance your lifestyle. When you work with an integrator, like Audio One, you can develop a plan ideal for every room. 

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Integration Sensation

Motorized shades are a wonderful addition to your home on their own, but only get better when combined with a whole home automation system. For instance, there is a natural relationship between lighting control and motorized shades which bears fruit of efficiency and convenience for you when they exist under one set of controls. Two advantages are an increase in your home’s security and energy savings.

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