5 Reasons Interior Designers Should Be Working With Lutron


Audio One has a history of working with builders, interior designers, and architects throughout Ft. Lauderdale and all of South Florida to enhance their projects through custom smart home technology. Among all of our partnerships, one of the strongest is the help we provide interior designers through our home lighting control services. As Lutron dealers, we offer the best when it comes to LED fixtures, control, and motorized shades. To learn more about our services, you can keep reading or click below to set up a one-on-one meeting.


1) Led Lighting: The best thing an interior designer can do to enhance a home's lighting is to upgrade to LED fixtures. LED's flexibility and efficiency let you branch out into different types of fixtures, like Lutron’s Finire. These recessed lights are ideal for bringing out the best features in luxury homes. LED fixtures also give you the ability to adjust intensity and color temperature to create the ideal ambiance in each room and make certain colors or furnishings stand out.

2) Custom Shades: With Lutron’s motorized shades you can give clients simple control without having to sacrifice quality. The company offers a variety of styles, models, and colors, all custom-cut to your project’s specifications. Lutron’s dual shades let you choose both practical and stylistic options for each location. Beyond the traditional roller shades, you can also incorporate drapes, blinds, and more.

3) Dimmers: Dimmers are a great way for interior designers to set the right ambiance in various rooms. Adjusting light intensity can add warmth to individual spaces while making others look more modern. With Lutron, you can adjust lights from 0-100 percent until you find the ideal setting for each part of your project.

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A Look Inside Crestron: The Customizable System


As the smart home market continues to grow, choosing between systems becomes increasingly challenging. The truth is that every home and homeowner has unique requirements from their home automation system. For your Fort Lauderdale, FL home, why not select the solution that allows for customization. As a highly regarded Crestron dealer, Audio One has experienced the versatility of their programs first hand. Continue reading to learn a few of the ways you can customize a Crestron system.

Pick a Color

We’ll start our journey with a simple example. Crestron offers some of the top motorized shades on the market. They are reliable, easy to operate, and luxurious. Previously, automated shading had a limited catalog of colors and fabrics that homeowners could choose between. What Crestron dealers like Audio One can now do is match the color of roller shades to any color the client wants.

That small detail ensures that your motorized shades are not only functional but also beautiful. Your shades can now add the exact visual impact that you would like, not the result of a compromise.

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Pick Your Control Method

For a slightly more complicated customization, Crestron also offers a wide variety of control options. The philosophy behind this decision is that technology should simplify your life. With so many control options, homeowners can mix and match options depending on what is best for every space. Let’s consider a few combinations for specific areas of the home:

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Audio One Selected to Design Automation for Mandarin Oriental


The Via Mizner is a collection of shopping, hotel, residences, and recreation--including The Mandarin Oriental--with one unifying feature: luxury. The luxury life depends upon sleek design, intuitive spaces, and sophisticated simplicity. That’s why the exclusive Boca Raton property chose to include MDU automation in their design models and sales center. When looking for an integrator to help them achieve the highest quality technology, installation, and engineering, Via Mizner could have selected any integrator in Florida. We are honored to say that they chose Audio One. For a look inside this project, continue reading.

The Residences at Mandarin Oriental

Across the world, there were only nine locations selected by Mandarin Oriental to host their residences. In Boca Raton, there will be 85 private homes included under the marque. The exclusivity of the address is only matched by the attention to detail in their design. From the choice of materials to the placement of windows, every aspect of your day has been carefully planned out by the designers of these homes. Plus, you have full access the amenities of the Oriental Mandarin hotel including the golf course, holistic spa, athletic club and five-star dining.

The Sales Center

While we all wait for construction to be complete, there is an opportunity for a sneak peek. A soon to open sales center is providing potential residence with the opportunity to tour an 8,100-square-foot sales model. When you enter the space, you are greeted by a doorman, butler, kitchen, bathroom, and bar.

The intention of the gallery is to provide guests with an opportunity to experience what it is like inside of an actual residence--perhaps why the whole thing rang up a 3.5-million-dollar bill. That means hand cut mosaic inlays from Italy along with fine marble countertops.

MDU Automation

There, potential residences will also be able to experience the luxury of automation from Audio One. In MDU, or multi-dwelling unit, automation, intelligent technologies are provided to each individual residence with full centralized control of the building provided to management. What are these technologies?

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Modernizing Your Apartment Building


Potential tenants are probably viewing many apartment buildings. How can you make your residences stand out? Building automation allows you to offer more than a discount on the first month’s rent; you can provide a new lifestyle. As you guide potential clients through your premises, they will be able to sample the new simplicity automation will add to their lives, from locking their doors with a smart device to taking a glimpse at the communal theater. By seeing themselves in this new, modernized environment, they won’t want to leave. Continue reading to learn more about bringing automation to your Miami, FL apartment complex. 

Building Upgrades

We’ll start by looking at a few of the upgrades that can be made for the whole building. This could mean comprehensive systems used by all rooms, or rooms that all tenants can use.

  • Networking: Setting up your entire building for wireless does two things. First, it is a huge incentive for residents, who are looking for fast Wi-Fi at home. It also sets up the foundation for all of your other smart technologies. All wireless technologies will run faster with a strong network.
  • HVAC: Smart heating and cooling also have multiple advantages. For one thing, you can maintain a comfortable temperature throughout all common spaces. Plus, you can oversee and monitor your energy use to help save your business money. Individual apartments can have individual controls, so your tenants can have the same advantages.
  • Gym: Having a fitness center in your apartment can be a huge selling point, but having an automated one is even better. A smart gym makes it simple to control everything from the equipment to the temperature to the audio/video entertainment.
  • Theater: Having a dedicated home theater can bring the building together for a cinema-quality monthly movie nights. Or, residents can reserve the space for a private screening. Either way, your tenants will love it.

Apartment Upgrades

Then, there are the automation systems that will improve the apartments themselves. With one remote, a touchpanel, or their smart devices, your residents can control their numerous smart technologies. Here are a few of our favorites.

  • Lighting Control: Automated lighting allows your residents to create settings customized to their lifestyle. Dimmers help save energy and find the right lighting. From lights that turn on with your tenant’s alarms to setting the right mood for a party, lighting control simplifies all illumination.
  • Motorized Shades: Automating your shading adds a touch of luxury and convenience to your apartments. Blackout shades can help your residents sleep in on lazy days, or they could open up when residents need to wake up to ease them into the day.


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What to Ask Yourself Before Building or Remodeling


Every day we face hectic schedules from our jobs, our family, our friends, and even our homes. Owning a home can take a lot of work; even the mundane tasks like setting the thermostat or shutting off all the lights can take up valuable time in our days. Home automation can help you ease some of this stress by simplifying the way you control and interact with your electronics. If you’re unsure whether automation could actually affect your life or your Los Angeles, CA home, take some time to ask yourself the following five questions. Continue reading to learn more. 

Do I Need All These Remotes?

Have you found yourself going through multiple remotes, trying to locate the one that adjusts the volume or the channel? One of the best features of smart home automation is that you can ditch all those excess remotes. Since all of your electronics--from your lights to your audio--are integrated onto one system, one remote can make all the adjustments you need. You also have many options when it comes to how you enact your control from a universal remote, touchpanels, or even your personal smart devices. These days, you can even ask your home to make changes with voice control.

Are My Energy Bills Too High?

When the monthly energy bills roll in, do you stop to consider if they could be lower? Smart homes are efficient homes. For starters, the technologies themselves make it simple to use less electricity while maintaining a comfortable environment. For instance, lighting control coupled with motorized shades help you maintain a comfortable illumination level at all times while using only the electricity that you need. Automating your shades can even help keep out the hot California sun, so you don’t have to blast the AC.

Smart homes also allow you to easily monitor how much energy you are using and where. This can help you create settings that will reduce your electricity usage and reduce your carbon footprint. These intelligent solutions mean cutting costs and helping the planet.

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4 Advantages of Voice Control


It may seem like science fiction, but voice control is becoming a reality for smart homes everywhere. You can now adjust your technologies simply by using your voice. The partnership between Amazon voice recognition technology, also known as Alexa, and home automation companies like Crestron has made it simple to incorporate voice control into your smart home system.  But what will voice control add to your Miami, FL home? In this article, we will cover four ways you can use voice control to your advantage. Read on to learn more. 

1. Simplify Your Home’s Security

Perhaps when you decided to include smart home technology into your Florida home, your home’s security was a major priority. Adding smart home security means increased protection for your home, from video surveillance to home access, but it also means increased convenience. You can unlock your door right from your smartphone and receive any alerts regarding your home’s security system.

When you add voice control into the mix, your home’s security becomes even simpler. For instance, you can ask your Alexa device about any component of your security system. Let’s say you’re just laying down to go to sleep, but you aren’t sure if you locked the door; just ask Alexa. She’ll tell you which doors are locked and you can ask her to lock anything that isn’t secured for the night. You won’t even have to move from your bed.

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2. Improve Your Mornings

Home automation has probably already made waking up easier. You may have programmed your motorized shades to open at the same time as your alarm to help ease you into the day. However, there might be certain smart home features that you can’t always schedule. For instance, maybe you have a little more time some mornings to sleep in; you may not want all your bedroom lights to turn on exactly with your alarm.

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How To Build Your Ideal Home Theater


You have probably heard the expression: “you can’t have it all.” However, when it comes to enjoying a movie that simply isn’t true: you can have a fully cinematic experience without having to leave your home. You can also have a high performing system that fits in with your home decor. Adding a home theater to your Miami, FL abode allows you to personalize your movie experience in a space that matches your style. To ensure a balance between design and performance, follow these three tips. Continue reading to learn more.

Prepare the Room

One of the most overlooked considerations when designing a home theater is the space. If you are building a new home or have several options, bring a professional integrator into the process of selecting the room. The space can then be optimized for use as a theater by managing the lights and acoustics through the appropriate flooring, furniture and paint colors. Your integrator will combine facets of your style with what will work best technically. For instance, you may like to use lighter colors in your decorating. They can help find a projector that would work for this sort of environment.

If you already have a space in mind, never fear; your integrator can use smart technology to offset any potential issues. For instance, if your space has a lot of ambient light, they can use blackout motorized shades or a special screen.

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Utilize Hidden Technology

Selecting the right equipment is so important to the quality of your audio and visual experience. However, you may not want your gear to define your space. A great way to merge the gap between style and performance are hidden technologies. When it comes to audio, your integrator can utilize hidden speakers that are installed in your walls, ceiling, or both--for truly immersive sound. These speakers will be virtually invisible to the eye but have a powerful sonic impact. Your integrator will create a plan that places speakers in such a way as to make certain all members of the audience are in the sweet spot.

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Home Lighting Design Equals Style and Warmth


When designing your home, you select each piece of furniture and art with immense care. After you’ve taken the time to design style scheme that fits your lifestyle and preferences, develop a lighting plan that will set your home off to its best advantage. This step is often forgotten by homeowners, but it can make all the difference. The lighting scheme can affect how colors look and work together, create a mood for the room, and draw attention to your favorite features. Automated lighting, like from Lutron, can help create this environment. Working with a professional Lutron dealer and installer will ensure that these effects are not overlooked in your Florida home. Read on to learn more about the design possibilities. 

Highlight Your Home

If you think that light patterns don’t affect the way things appear, then talk to a photographer. Illumination has the power to highlight the areas of your home that you want noticed. For instance, if you have a new piece of artwork for your collection, you can design a lighting pattern that will draw the eye right to it. The addition of dimmers also helps to create your ideal mood at any given time. Create a low light setting to create a romantic feel for your next party, and thereby establish a perfect space for intimate conversation. Also, integrating motorized shades with your lights provides you the ultimate control over your home’s brightness.

The secret is to work with the angles and natural light cycles the room undergoes. A professional installation includes an assessment phase. We will examine the area, develop a plan and complete the installation to your home. All you have to do is enjoy the results.

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Color Temperature

An important factor in selecting your lightbulbs is the type of light they emit. Different types of light bulbs can project warmer toned light or cooler light. The warm and cool distinction is based on the color scale: warm light is on the hot end, like reds, oranges, and yellows, while cool is related to the blue side. The temperature of the light can impact the ways your wall colors or your fabric choices appear. In addition, many people have strong preferences in terms of how light affects their eyes and brain. One person finds blue light offensive, while another finds it energizing.

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