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A movie-going experience has so many components, whether it’s the delicious snacks, comfy seats, or the immersive atmosphere.  Nowadays, homeowners want to bring this level of luxury to their own living spaces.  Installing a private cinema may seem like a huge leap in regards to accommodating your construction plans, but with Audio One’s help – home theater installation can be a breeze.  If you’re an architect or designer in the Palm Beach, FL area, read on below to learn how we can work with you to create the home theater of your clients’ dreams.

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Leave the Tech to Us

There’s a lot that goes into putting together the ideal theater for certain clients.  There’s the right seating, projectors, screens, and speakers, as well as where it will all be placed or hidden – and how.  It might seem overwhelming at first, especially integrating all the smart technology into one system.  But with our installers, you’ll only have to focus on your actual construction and building plans – leave the installing and designing to our team.

We make it our business to form a direct line of communication to the homeowners and to figure out which systems, features, and layouts they wish for their theater.  After everything is planned out, we’ll begin the installation process, while your only concern will be to construct the clients’ new homes.

Communicate with Ease

With lots of hands on deck, it’s easy for a project to get off track or not to go as originally planned.  Miscommunication is a big factor in this, as well as improper project management.  To ensure your client’s satisfaction in what they’re getting out of their theater, we make knowing their thoughts and ideas a priority.

We stay in constant communication with every sub-contractor on the project so that no one is left out or not in on the dealings.  Creating a unified design and plan together with both you and your client is the main goal.  Working with us is a communicative process, so you won’t have to worry about any missteps holding you back.

Stick with Plans or Don’t

While installing at the start of construction is best, a lot of unexpected obstacles and hindrances could pop up along the way, which might put everything on hold for a moment.  As you notice your plans beginning to deviate, you won’t have to worry that your revisions or modifications affect our team’s work.

We can adapt to any of your plans and adjust to any changes you make along the way.  We work to make the project continue to run smoothly, so that at the end of the day, the theater everyone had hoped for, or later decided upon, is complete.

Audio One can make sure your clients get the theater they’ve always longed for and experience films from the comfort of their own homes. To learn more about home theater installation, contact us at (954) 8453-2837 or online through our contact page.

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