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Perfect Your Home AV with 4 Easy Steps

It’s one thing to have the best home AV equipment installed; it’s another to have the exact sound quality that you want. Because so many factors from your home’s acoustics to wear and tear can affect the sound, you may need to take some additional steps to ensure that you enjoy your listening time to the utmost. In this article, we will cover four easy ways to enhance your home’s audio and build your ideal sound system, whether you’re considering whole home audio in your Palm Beach, FL home or you’ve had it for years. Continue reading to learn more.

Check the Cables

Typically speaking, audio cables won’t really degrade too much over time. However, what can wear down is the signal from the player to the speaker. If you start experiencing any signal loss, it could be time to rearrange your cables. You should try to avoid any splicing and shorten cable length as much as possible. 

If you’re just starting the installation process, working with an audio professional will ensure that the cables are properly arranged. In addition, they will select the appropriate equipment needed to losslessly transmit the signal among each of your audio components.

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Upgrade Your Equalizers

An equalizer is an often forgotten but highly important tool for your home audio. It allows you to adjust the levels and fine-tune your audio system’s sound. Depending on the variety of music that you are listening to, you may have to adjust the levels often to best complement the style. But, if you have a whole home audio system, each member of the family might be listening to something different in several rooms of the house.

The answer could be smart equalizers that allow you to adjust the levels from a smartphone or tablet. If you’re in the kitchen listening to pop, and your son’s in the basement listening to heavy metal, you can experience a more balanced sound, while your son turns up the bass.

Realign Speakers

The placement of speakers can have a deep impact on the sound. Speakers usually throw their sound forward and only in one direction, so, location is important to creating a strong and dynamic sound. The speakers should be arranged to surround the areas where you will be listening, whether this is your kitchen or your dedicated home theater. If you’re installing a new system, the best bet is to work with an audio professional to lay out a plan based on the acoustics of your home and where you’ll be typically gathering. If you’re redesigning your home, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have your speakers realigned.

Utilize A Crossover

A crossover allows you to diversify the sound coming out of each speaker. You could have ten speakers in a room, but if they are all playing the same signal, then you won’t be getting the full and dynamic sound they could be offering. With a crossover, two speakers in your system could be playing the lows, while two are playing the highs, and one midrange. Working with your audio professional, you can lay out a sonic map of each space in your home to create the rich tones that suit you.

When it comes to audio professionals, it doesn’t get better than Audio One. We have the experience and expertise required to develop a high-performing AV system in your home. Contact us today.

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