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What You Need to Know about Motorized Shades


5 of the Top Benefits for Your Miami Home

Being in the Sunshine State, Florida homeowners know a lot about the effects of the sun on daily life. However, what you may not know is how to control sunlight. Motorized shades provide the power you need to stay one step ahead of the elements, and this ability is at the heart of their value. Plus, being automated offers you, the homeowner, with nifty new abilities. We have laid out our five favorite benefits you can expect when you add automatic drapery, blinds, or shades to your Miami home. Continue reading to learn what they are. 

1. Easy to Control

Manufacturers of motorized shading, like Lutron, offer plenty of options when it comes to controls. You can make adjustments to your shades through touchpanels placed on the walls or through apps downloaded to your smartphone or tablets. These controls provide you a bird’s eye view of everything that’s happening with your home’s shading--even when you’re not there. Let’s say you’re not sure if you left the blinds open in your living room, the room where your favorite rug is. Avoid any sun damage by closing the window coverings right from the office.

2. Stylish

Because all of these dressings are automatic, you won’t need those manual controls like strings. The effect is a much cleaner look in every room of your home, and you’re avoiding any inconvenient tangling or wrangling.

In addition, every shade is custom designed to fit your space. You will have total control over how every window looks. That means the size, shade, color, and fabric is specifically tailored to each room of your home.

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3. Energy Efficient

The effect of the hot sun entering your home can be a nightmare when it comes to cooling costs. When the sun’s warmth can stream into your undressed windows throughout the day, it raises your home’s base temperature. Then, when you come home, you have to crank up your AC to establish a comfortable temperature.

Utilize your shades to make it simple to manage energy use. Schedule all shades to close around the time you leave for work each day and open when you’re arriving home. You will be able to enjoy the natural light your windows provide without unnecessarily raising the thermostat. Plus, work with your integrator to select shades that are specifically designed to keep heat out. You can even pair these shades with drapery for some versatility.

4. More Security

Motorized shades have another trick up their sleeves: they can help you stay one step ahead of break-ins. If you are out of town or out of the house for any reason, program your shades to automatically go up and down as if someone was at home. The random setting will create a more convincing illusion than a light on a timer. With automated shades, you’ll gain more confidence that your home is protected while you’re away.

5. Easily Integrated

Your motorized shades will also work great as part of a total smart home system. When all of your technologies are under one system, you can create more elaborate settings. For instance, when you combine your automated shades with lighting control, the lights can brighten right as the shades block out natural light. You can even program your lights and shades to an astronomical clock. That way, as the sun sets, your shades can gradually descend to prevent any uncomfortable glares while your lights slowly dim up to offset the loss of light. This example is just scratching the surface of the possibilities!

If you’re thinking about adding motorized shades to your Miami home, you’ll want to find an integrator that you can trust. Audio One has years of experience and plenty of awards to back us up. Contact us today. 

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