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Who Benefits the Most from Smart Home Security?


3 Times Smart Technology is Essential to Safety

From detecting environmental dangers like gas leaks or fires to deterring crime, a security system offers Palm Beach, FL area homeowners the protection they need. For some, this level of protection is not enough. Using modern tools, smart home security provides homeowners with more access to their system and more features that can help keep families safe. In this article, we’re highlight three situations where these extras are essential to securing your property. Continue reading to see if you fit into any of these categories.

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You’re a Working Parent

With the school year upon us, the schedules of working parents are about to heat up. When you can’t always be home when the children are coming back from school, use smart home security tools to make sure they are safe.

Here’s an example. When the kids unlock the door, your smart door lock sends an alert to your phone. From that point, you can go into your security app and check out the surveillance camera footage. There, you can make sure it’s the kids arriving safely. If the door opens again, you’ll be notified, letting you know if they’re going somewhere or if anyone unwanted is coming in. From there, utilize automation to help you parent right from your desk. For instance, you can block the kids from watching too many hours of TV or accessing inappropriate channels.

You’re a Frequent Traveler

If you’re often away from your home, you probably want a way to check in on your property. Maybe you own a vacation property home that is frequently vacant or perhaps you’re often on the road for work. Smart home security systems provide you access to your home from your devices or computer. If an alarm goes off, a motion sensor is triggered, or someone rings the smart doorbell, you’ll be notified right away.

Plus, you can use more traditional automation tools in a security function. For instance, lighting control helps you create the illusion that your property is occupied and therefore not an easy target for a burglar. Your system knows how you typically use your lights and recreates those tendencies when you’re not there.

You’re Forgetful

No matter how strong your traditional home security system is, it can only be 100 percent effective if you remember to lock the door and arm the system 100 percent of the time. With a smart home, you have some more room for human error.  For example, if you head out to work without securing your home, you can lock all of your smart locks right from your phone and arm the system.

Scenes, or collections of settings that are commonly used, can also help you remember. By grouping all of your security feature under one command, you only need to press one button to ensure that all aspects of your security system--from door locks to cameras-- are armed and active. Press an “Away” scene as you leave the house and all doors lock, the system is armed, and your cameras begin recording.

If you fall into any of these categories or just want a smart and convenient upgrade to a traditional security system, it might be time to contact Audio One. We can help elevate your home protection.

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