The Reason Your Home AV May Not Look or Sound as Good as Possible


So you’re interested in viewing content in full 4K Ultra HD, and you want to stream lossless audio throughout your Fort Lauderdale, FL property. You’ve got the necessary gear: a 4K TV and high-fidelity stereo system. But are you actually seeing and hearing the very best quality home AV possible? Maybe not. Sometimes, the answer isn’t as simple as just having the best equipment. If you’re interested in finding out how you can distribute fully reliable 4K video and lossless audio anywhere on your property, this blog is for you. Continue reading for more.

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Why You’re Not Seeing 4K Content

When you’re considering a home entertainment upgrade, you probably do research on the kinds of components that will go into your home. Does your new TV or projector sport 4K and HDR capabilities? Will high frame rate playback make the Dolphins’ game easier to watch? And you’ve probably also thought about a media server or 4K Blu-ray player that can playback the highest resolutions available. So that means every link in your chain is fully capable of 4K resolution, right? There’s one thing you’re forgetting.

A common problem with 4K playback is cabling. That means, basically, that the HDMI cables you have running from your Blu-ray player to your TV may not support full 4K content. Because 4K offers four times the resolution of now-standard 1080p HD, it actually takes much higher bandwidth to view it. Essentially, playing 4K content on a standard HDMI cable can lead to a kind of traffic jam, leaving you with a low quality image or no picture at all.

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How to Make Your Retail Space More Exciting


Your store’s design should provide your customer with a comforting and unique experience. When a client walks into the building, they should have a sense of your brand and feel that they are investing in something valuable. If you’re looking for a way to enhance your Miami, FL area store, then you might want to consider commercial automation. By taking a technological leap, you can show your goods to their best advantage, while engaging and exciting your clientele. To discover whether the tools and tricks of automation could help your business thrive, you may need to ask yourself a few questions. Continue reading to learn more.

Does Your Store Reflect Your Brand?

When a new customer walks into your store, can he or she immediately recognize your brand? Having a clear look and feel helps you find your ideal customers--the ones who will come back and make purchases. When a customer is confused about you, they could easily become confused about whether they want your product.

Finding the right sonic background is one way to establish your brand identity. As part of a commercial automation system, Audio One can install a professional audio system that is simple to control, offers a wide selection of sources, and fits into the style of your store. Our systems start with high quality audio equipment expertly installed to create an even dispersal of sound throughout the store--so no section is too loud or too quiet. You can manage the system through smart devices like a phone or tablet, or a dedicated touchpanel placed on the wall. We also ensure that wires and equipment are carefully hidden and that speakers are either hidden or stylishly selected.

Are You Frequently Changing Advertisements or Promotions?

An excellent way to engage your customers is through signage. However, if your store is still using stale and static signs, then it might be time for an upgrade. Digital signs are video screens that display vibrant promotional images or video. These can be used outside your establishment to entice customers with sales or elegant images of your goods. They can also be used throughout your store as part of your decoration.

Besides modernizing your store environment, digital signs can help save money. Instead of ordering new signs or decorations whenever it’s time to refresh the store, you can simply change the images that are on these screens. You can control the images via a computer, tablet or phone.

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Who Benefits the Most from Smart Home Security?


From detecting environmental dangers like gas leaks or fires to deterring crime, a security system offers Palm Beach, FL area homeowners the protection they need. For some, this level of protection is not enough. Using modern tools, smart home security provides homeowners with more access to their system and more features that can help keep families safe. In this article, we’re highlight three situations where these extras are essential to securing your property. Continue reading to see if you fit into any of these categories.

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You’re a Working Parent

With the school year upon us, the schedules of working parents are about to heat up. When you can’t always be home when the children are coming back from school, use smart home security tools to make sure they are safe.

Here’s an example. When the kids unlock the door, your smart door lock sends an alert to your phone. From that point, you can go into your security app and check out the surveillance camera footage. There, you can make sure it’s the kids arriving safely. If the door opens again, you’ll be notified, letting you know if they’re going somewhere or if anyone unwanted is coming in. From there, utilize automation to help you parent right from your desk. For instance, you can block the kids from watching too many hours of TV or accessing inappropriate channels.

You’re a Frequent Traveler

If you’re often away from your home, you probably want a way to check in on your property. Maybe you own a vacation property home that is frequently vacant or perhaps you’re often on the road for work. Smart home security systems provide you access to your home from your devices or computer. If an alarm goes off, a motion sensor is triggered, or someone rings the smart doorbell, you’ll be notified right away.

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How to Avoid Common Home Automation Issues


If you’re considering adding home automation to your Fort Lauderdale, FL area residence, then you’re probably facing a decision: should you attempt to build your own DIY system or work with a professional installation team? The truth is that if you’re looking for a complete home solution that you can rely on, nothing beats an automation system installed by a team of expert professionals. In this article, we’re examining three common problems that homeowners experience with a DIY smart home and how these can be avoided. Continue reading to learn more. 

Problem #1: The Network is Neglected

A home automation system relies on the network. As you add more smart devices--whether that’s wireless speakers or a lighting control system--you are pushing the limits of your network. If there are any dead zones in your home or you often experience buffering, then your smart home experience isn’t going to be reliable. Y

When a typical homeowner attempts to installs a home automation system, he or she often doesn’t consider the Wi-Fi. Or, the homeowner simply doesn’t know how to improve the connection. With a professional installation from Audio One, the network will be assessed for quality. Any necessary changes will be made in order to ensure that you don’t experience any unexpected issues due to a slow network.

Problem #2: Devices Don’t Mesh

The value of a smart home lies in the compatibility of each piece of technology. An example would be lights that illuminate as you close the blinds so that you’re never in the dark.  In many DIY homes, the homeowner is left with a smartphone or tablet full of apps, each to control one piece of his or her smart home.

In a professionally installed system, all of these individual components are housed on the same set of controls, making it simple to coordinate. Depending on your control preference, you can make adjustments to your home’s audio, lighting, motorized shades and more with a smartphone, dedicated touchpanels, remotes, or even your own voice.

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