3 Home Theater Upgrades for Your LA Property


California and Los Angeles, in particular, is known the world over for its massive entertainment industry. So when homeowners want to entertain guests, the best way to do so is with the ultimate home theater. At Audio One we create expertly crafted spaces to provide maximum enjoyment of movies and music. Read on to learn more about three must-have upgrades for your private cinema.

Where Will You Sit?

Think about the amount of time you and your family spend watching movies and television. You’re going to want plush, luxurious furniture that reflects your style and is uber comfortable. Don’t simply shove a couch into the middle of the room and think that’s going to do. For the best movie watching experience, you’ll want theater style seating.

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Selecting the right furniture is an important step in planning of your home theater. Seats with high backs could disrupt the flow of the audio from the surround sound system or block the view of other moviegoers. Additionally, the placement of the seats within the room will help determine the size of screen, among other factors of course. Another consideration to keep in mind is the type of material the furniture is made of and whether or not it will reflect light. We’ll pair up with an experienced interior designer who can help meet the technical requirements of theater seating as well as ensure we meet your impeccable style needs. Looking for some inspiration? Check out our gallery of past projects.

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A Look Inside Crestron: The Customizable System


As the smart home market continues to grow, choosing between systems becomes increasingly challenging. The truth is that every home and homeowner has unique requirements from their home automation system. For your Fort Lauderdale, FL home, why not select the solution that allows for customization. As a highly regarded Crestron dealer, Audio One has experienced the versatility of their programs first hand. Continue reading to learn a few of the ways you can customize a Crestron system.

Pick a Color

We’ll start our journey with a simple example. Crestron offers some of the top motorized shades on the market. They are reliable, easy to operate, and luxurious. Previously, automated shading had a limited catalog of colors and fabrics that homeowners could choose between. What Crestron dealers like Audio One can now do is match the color of roller shades to any color the client wants.

That small detail ensures that your motorized shades are not only functional but also beautiful. Your shades can now add the exact visual impact that you would like, not the result of a compromise.

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Pick Your Control Method

For a slightly more complicated customization, Crestron also offers a wide variety of control options. The philosophy behind this decision is that technology should simplify your life. With so many control options, homeowners can mix and match options depending on what is best for every space. Let’s consider a few combinations for specific areas of the home:

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Audio One Selected to Design Automation for Mandarin Oriental


The Via Mizner is a collection of shopping, hotel, residences, and recreation--including The Mandarin Oriental--with one unifying feature: luxury. The luxury life depends upon sleek design, intuitive spaces, and sophisticated simplicity. That’s why the exclusive Boca Raton property chose to include MDU automation in their design models and sales center. When looking for an integrator to help them achieve the highest quality technology, installation, and engineering, Via Mizner could have selected any integrator in Florida. We are honored to say that they chose Audio One. For a look inside this project, continue reading.

The Residences at Mandarin Oriental

Across the world, there were only nine locations selected by Mandarin Oriental to host their residences. In Boca Raton, there will be 85 private homes included under the marque. The exclusivity of the address is only matched by the attention to detail in their design. From the choice of materials to the placement of windows, every aspect of your day has been carefully planned out by the designers of these homes. Plus, you have full access the amenities of the Oriental Mandarin hotel including the golf course, holistic spa, athletic club and five-star dining.

The Sales Center

While we all wait for construction to be complete, there is an opportunity for a sneak peek. A soon to open sales center is providing potential residence with the opportunity to tour an 8,100-square-foot sales model. When you enter the space, you are greeted by a doorman, butler, kitchen, bathroom, and bar.

The intention of the gallery is to provide guests with an opportunity to experience what it is like inside of an actual residence--perhaps why the whole thing rang up a 3.5-million-dollar bill. That means hand cut mosaic inlays from Italy along with fine marble countertops.

MDU Automation

There, potential residences will also be able to experience the luxury of automation from Audio One. In MDU, or multi-dwelling unit, automation, intelligent technologies are provided to each individual residence with full centralized control of the building provided to management. What are these technologies?

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How Much Do You Know about Your Wi-Fi?


Your home’s Wi-Fi is no longer a luxury but necessary to almost all aspects of your day. This is especially true if you have a home outfitted with many smart technologies all needing to connect to your wireless internet. However, many homeowners have a limited understanding of the networking terms and equipment. Taking time to understand how home networking works is the first step to Wi-Fi success. Then, you need to find a trusted installation partner to ensure a robust and secure network in your Miami, FL home. Continue reading to learn about the basics of Wi-Fi.

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What Does This Do?

We start our tour of home networking with a look at some of the equipment necessary for a robust connection. You probably already have many of these tools in your home already, but do you understand their purpose and how they work? 

  • Router: A wireless router, also known as an access point, connects to the network cable and converts it into a radio signal. That signal is picked up by network cards in your wireless devices in order to connect to the Wi-Fi. Not all routers are created equal. Smart home owners should look for dual-band routers. Also, routers need to be upgraded every so often on both the software and hardware level. Work with a professional network installer like Audio-One to find the right version for you.
  • Antenna: The antenna is what transmits the radio signal coming from the router. Some routers will have an internal antenna while others will be external. Some antennas transmit in one direction while others transmit all around. Whether you have an internal or external antenna, you may need to replace (external) or supplement with an external add-on (internal) your antenna to get the best results.
  • Mesh Network: If you have a large home or are experiencing any dead zones, a mesh network might work best for you. These are a collection of access points that extend your signal throughout your home. That way you can stream music on your whole home audio system anywhere with no interruption!

What Does This Mean?

How much of the terminology surrounding your home networking system do you understand? In order to have a conversation about your Wi-Fi, it can help to understand the following key terms.

  • WEP, WPA, WPA2: Each one of these represents a type of encryption. You may have seen each of these as options when providing your password on your smartphone or tablet. Each scrambles your signal making it difficult for anyone to access your network who doesn’t have the password. Make sure that your router has some type of encryption. When it comes to selecting the right one, that can depend on several factors. Work with your professional network installer to find the right one.
  • 802.11a/802.11b/802.11g: These numbers represent three of the most popular standards of Wi-Fi compliance that help your router communicate to your devices. Using each has its positives and negatives. For instance, 802.11g can reach the fastest speed, but has more potential for interference.

Wi-Fi is something that many homeowners set up quickly and forget about. However, it can drastically impact the quality of your home life and the performance of your smart home automation. Find an award-winning installer, like Audio One, to make your network more robust and secure. Contact us today. 

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