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It is the smartest choice you will ever make.


What is a Smart Home?

A smart home automation system gives you the power to control electronic devices in your home from just about anywhere in the world. You use your smart phone, computer, tablet, or touch screen to control things such as lights, security cameras, alarm system, A/C unit, audio system, TVs, home theater, and motorized shades. You can even lock or unlock doors.

Keep an eye on things

It is natural to wonder what happens when you are not at home. A smart home lets you check in whenever you want and allows for full-color viewing of the inside and outside of your home.

Get Notified

Receive a message when family members enter and leave. Imagine never having to worry if your children got home safely and having the ability to let them into the house if they forgot their key. The smart home allows you to lock and unlock the gates and front door all from your phone, computer or tablet.

Receive Warnings

No more wondering if you forgot to shut the garage door. A smart home sends you a warning for any concerning event, such as an open gate leading to the pool, a medicine cabinet that is unlocked, or the garage door that was left open.

Service Workers

Need to have a few things done around the house while you are away? Not a problem. A smart home allows you to virtually manage the workers from your phone or tablet. Everything from unlocking the front door and turning off the alarm to checking in via the cameras when the work is complete and re-locking the door is all simple with a smart home. It makes life less complicated.

Location. Location. Location.

Every feature of the smart home, including turning on the security alarm, closing the garage, and checking in on your kids, is available regardless of where you are in the world. Imagine the peace of mind knowing you can lock your doors or check in on your family from another country!

Easy to Use

Audio One, an award-winning integrator, configures and installs the home-automated system. We ensure every benefit is very easy to understand, simple to use, and, even, child-friendly. For example, if you wish to turn out all of the lights in the entire house then simply press the “lights out” button. It is that easy!

Energy Efficient

A smart home regulates the temperature inside your home based the families desired settings and it even puts itself into sleep mode when the A/C is not needed. Your home will always be the perfect temperature for you, and it is even saving you money in the process. You can even program your drapes and shades to open and close at set times to stop energy loss, faded fabrics, high energy bills, and more.

Retrofit an Existing Home

Any home can become a smart home, and with more than eight International CEDIA awards and a 16-year history in South Florida, Audio One is a formidable expert in all areas of home technology. We provide all of the equipment needed for a complete turn-key installation.

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