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How to Attract Customers to Your Palm Beach Store

Boost Your Business With Commercial AV

How to Attract Customers to Your Palm Beach Store

As a Florida business owner, you want to do all you can to set your space apart. One tool that you could be missing is commercial AV and automation. With smart technology, you can find novel ways to bring in customers. From smart signs to a strong audio system, you can utilize these devices to make your retail space unique and more interactive. To learn more, continue reading. 

Digital Signs

Before your customers even enter the door, you want to be interacting with them. If you place digital signage outside of your establishment, you can do just that. These are usually screens with a revolving series of images or videos. As the business owner, you can change the image at any time through a computer or smartphone--even if you aren’t in the building.

Unlike traditional signage, you can change these images every day--or even throughout the day--to best reflect what’s happening in your store. If you suddenly decide that you want to offer a special, you can advertise that without having to wait for the sign to be created. You can also incorporate videos or surveys to engage any potential customers walking by.


The right sound can help establish the tone of your business. You can play the music that best reflects your goods and services as well as what speaks to your customers. But, whatever you play, you’ll want a strong audio system. Work with an audio professional, like Audio One, to map out the acoustics of your space, and decide on equipment. We can help develop a system that utilizes streaming services that you can adjust through your smartphone. Then, you can play what you like and easily make changes depending on the time of day.

If you’re worried about bulky equipment taking up too much room, we know how to properly integrate the audio equipment. You can use hidden technologies, like speakers installed directly into the wall or in the ceiling, to maintain your aesthetics while optimizing your audio.

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Your business’s lighting can make a huge difference. The proper lighting scheme can highlight your products and make your customers feel welcome. When customers feel comfortable, they tend to remain in the space longer. Plus, studies have shown that proper lighting can increase the perceived value of goods.

While all that is certainly beneficial, you and your employees will also enjoy the convenience of lighting control. Through one centralized control system, you can dim or brighten lights, turn on preset scenes, as well as turn off all the lights at the touch of a button when you’re ready to go home. You’ll also be able to better monitor how much energy your lights are using and make adjustments accordingly.

If you’re looking for new ways to boost your business, commercial AV and automation is the answer. Contact Audio One today. 

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