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Crestron Helps Power Mark Zuckerberg's Jarvis App

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Crestron Helps Power Mark Zuckerberg's Jarvis App

Mark Zuckerberg, co-founder of the social networking company, Facebook, is once again gaining attention in one of the world's fastest growing industries: Home Automation. Known as Jarvis, this iPhone app has been referred to as Mark's "custom-made artificially intelligent assistant."  Similar to Amazon's Alexa, Jarvis interfaces with Messenger, according to Zuckergerg's Fackbook blog post. In addition to connecting smart devices and phones around the home, Javris can use Facebooks' visual face detection to determine intelligent tasks such as notifications when the baby is awake, or who is ringing the doorbell. To learn more about Jarvis and Crestron technologies, read on. 

Zuckerberg's Jarvis is Built Upon Crestron's Smart Home Technology

What is interesting to note is that Jarvis is actually built on top of Crestron's elite smart home technology. Crestron has been leading the way in luxury custom smart home automation for many years, and is definitely compared as being the "ultimate" provider of home automation for homes of "the 1%" most wealthy persons in the world. Crestron home automation systems can cost thousands to over millions of dollars and allow people to control the majority of all electronic systems in the home from anywhere in the world with internet access including lighting, motorized shades, alarm, access control, home theater, audio, video, sound system, HVAC and so much more. 

Clancy, Crestron's president of residential systems, said Crestron would typically be able to power many of Jarvis' features through its own apps. But Crestron, in this particular project, created an API that would let Zuckerberg build his own "front end" in his preferred programming language, Python.

Clancy was also very pround to state that Zuckerberg and his wife "wanted the reliability of the proven system and also the ability to customize on their end, tied to his Jarvis service." The fact that he chose Crestron to build the API is certainly a compliment to Crestron, being that the competition is certainly rising heavily in the marketplace by companies like Control4, Savant and more.

New features that Zuckerberg's engineering added is described to go beyond fixed phrases or hitting buttons, since it has the ability to learn, especially utilizing the face recognition technology. The interactive voice by Morgan Freeman certainly is just icing on the cake. Crestron toutes itself as also having govenment facility level cybersecurity, certainly something that more people clearly demand to protect from fraud attacks, identity theft, and general security threats.Crestron can also integrate Apple's Siri, Amazon's Alexa and other devices.

Now,  if you are an individual or company who is interested in adding luxury smart home automation such as a Crestron system to your home or office, it's true that the options can be confusing, overwhelming, and ALSO quite a large investment. There are comapanies that specialize in installing these super-high tech home automation systems who consult with each unique client from an initial concept, to design, engineering, and installation, as well as long term support.

AUDIO-ONE, with it's showroom located in Sunny Isles and Fort Lauderdale, FL, along with installation crews and services in Los Angeles, CA, is one of Crestron's top authorized leading custom installation companies, which for almost 2 decades has led the way to building some of the smartest homes in the world. With over 8 CEDIA Industry Awards for best systems and installation company, AUDIO-ONE's projects span from South Florida, to California, the North East coast to as far away as Ghana Africa, with clients flying Audio One's teams over the world. 

To see examples of AUDIO-ONE's work, visit our IMAGE GALLERY.

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